What is Amazon Warehouse Deals? – Finding Best Refurbished Products

Since the launch of Amazon, the trend of shopping and trading has completely reformed. The one-stop-shop made buying and selling even easier for almost all types of stuff. Amazon warehouse is a place to shop millions of used, pre-owned, and open packages of various items. The Amazon warehouse deals are a great option to find great deals on some products.

What is the Amazon Warehouse Deals?

It is one of the most affordable, effective, and ideal ways to buy products under your price range. In actual, it is the seller name for Amazon that sells and rents out used products. When the prices are high, many people wait until the new version with a low price is launched or settle for the highest prices either.

The warehouse has a large range of products, from daily used gadgets to large appliances. There is a 30-day return policy for each item which makes it a lot easier and safer to use a product and return back it does not satisfies your soul.

The main points of the Amazon warehouse deals are:

  • An integral part of Amazon.com that provides great discounts on products that are damaged, refurbished, returned, or something that is in good condition to use but failed to meet Amazon’s standards.
  • Offers open boxed items in good conditions.
  • A product listing that is listed on the Amazon warehouse section is examined and graded before it is sold.
  • There is a 20-points examination process to check the quality of the product to sell it on a discount.
  • The 30-day return policy is available for every product.

Apart from other best things, in Amazon warehouse deals, all products are completely inspected and given a comprehensive description of the products’ condition in order to let the buyer know what to expect from this product.

Note: There is free shipping on any warehouse deal for the Prime Members.

Amazon Warehouse Deals Discounts

Courtesy: Amazon.com

How does it work?

The Amazon warehouse deals streamline the simple process of working:

  • Seller sends the product inventory to Amazon
  • The Amazon-qualified representatives inspect the product’s condition and working
  • They test and grade the product on the 20-points scale to determine its quality
  • Products are categorized into different graded categories according to their quality
  • Products are displayed for sale at a good discount

What are the listing conditions?

The product listing of each offer is mentioned under the specific condition and are grouped in order to clarify buyers to sort and select the offering. This helps buyers to realize what they can expect from the product at the time of buying.

Listing Condition in Amazon Warehouse Deals

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Following are the different conditions types and products expectations:

Grading Used Used – Very Good Used – Good Used – Acceptable Renewed
Condition Product is like New / Open Box and is in Working Condition The product is used Limited and is under great condition. Product is used Consistently and is under good condition Product is Worn out Fairly and is under proper working condition Product is Pre-Owned and inspected properly
  • Have minor damages but still in good condition
  • Authentic/protective wrapping may be missing
  • The package can be complete
  • Instructions are included
  • Fewer damages in packaging or repackaging
  • Might have incomplete accessories (already mentioned on the label)
  • Product is in good condition with less wear and tear
  • Outer packaging might be damaged or repackaged
  • Good working condition
  • Might have identifiable marking
  • Few accessories might be missing
  • Damaged or might have repacked
  • Might have some aesthetic issues like scratches, dents, etc.
  • Missing accessories
  • Vendor, Seller, Amazon Staff may inspect the product
  •  The product comes with a warranty and have minimal signs of wear and tear


Note: The renewable products can be returned if they fail to work expectedly.

Amazon Warehouse Return Policy

There are different return policies associated with items under different conditions. But commonly, any item shipped from Amazon warehouse can be returned within 30 days (starting from the date of shipment). Open-box or used products can also be returned within 30 days.

Certified Refurbished products can be returned within 90 days (starting from the date of shipment). Renewed products can also be refunded or replaced within the 90 days of purchase.

FBA Lost & Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policies

If your inventory is damaged or lost under Amazon control in either way:

  1. By the Amazon’s partnered carrier
  2. At the time of delivery
  3. In the fulfillment center

You will get:

  • The replacement value for the damaged or lost product
  • Replacement of the inventory with the same FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit)

Amazon Warehouse Deals

There are multiple factors to determine the value of the product for its replacement. These include:

  • A seller’s sales history
  • The average selling price of FBA on Amazon
  • The sales history of a particular ASIN

If Amazon staff could not find adequate information for the replacement value then it will be evaluated based on the default replacement. You will also request for the reevaluation of the product by submitting a Receipt and an Invoice to Amazon.

Note: The maximum replacement value for an item is 5000 USD and in case of exceeding this limit, Amazon suggests you to consider buying third-party insurance.


Amazon Warehouse Deals are the saver for Amazon sellers and it has helped many sellers to save their inventory when they are running out.  For the buyers who cannot afford to buy new products under higher prices feel in fashion while buying products from the warehouse deals. So, what would you prefer when you are out and about to shop in Amazon?


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