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Amazon Catalog & Content Management

Amazon Catalog Management

E-commerce is a constantly developing and growing industry with a high influx of sellers. Thus, catalog management is important for Amazon store owners. Managing catalogs for multiple products listed on Amazon is not easy. It becomes challenging for businesses to meet the strict Amazon cataloging standards. Furthermore, the catalog needs to be continuously managed and updated to improve visibility. It also allows store owners to beat the competition and drive sales.

Catalog management service is important for Amazon store owners since it contributes to shopper conversion and profitability. In simple terms, an Amazon catalog informs shoppers about products and helps them to shop. Amazon store owners grapple with updating and managing their catalogs, requiring technical expertise, domain experience, and in-depth knowledge of the marketplace.


    Amazon Catalog Update and Maintenance Service refers to the process of combining products along with their prices, features, offers, etc., for your Amazon store. It ensures product data quality and also configures the shopper’s required format. Amazon Catalog Management is crucial for businesses to help them thrive in the industry.

    XpertVA’s Amazon Catalog Management Services

    With XpertVA’s Amazon virtual asistants, Catalog managers, eCommerce experts, data entry specialists, copywriters, quality assurance, and support team, you will have a fully managed Amazon account. We keep your product catalog up-to-date and deliver an outstanding experience to shoppers.

    Our wide spectrum of content management and Amazon Catalog Management services will help you create engaging, accurate, and descriptive catalogs for your products. This would allow you to offer a hassle-free and seamless online shopping experience.

    Our skilled teams, extensive experience, and technological competency allow us to support you in creating product listings and managing content effectively. The full spectrum of our Amazon Catalog Management services includes:

    Our skilled teams, extensive experience, and technological competency allow us to support you in creating product listings and managing content effectively

    Product Onboarding

    XpertVA’s data entry experts cleverly upload thousands of product listings. We keep in mind all the necessary and required information and ensure maximum accuracy and complete data confidentiality. With our Amazon Catalog Management services, the agents are dedicated to making the user experience easy and convenient, increasing your sales.

    Maintenance & Updating

    Our experts continuously update and maintain your product catalogs to ensure that its correct, updated, and complete.

    Taxonomy & Organization

    Professionals at XpertVA create product taxonomy to make the shopping experience easier and simplified. This not only ensures a well-managed catalog but also makes locating products easier.

    Normalization & Standardization

    We constantly evaluate the existing product description and details, including technical specifications and measurements, to ensure uniformity and data consistency.

    Product Descriptions

    Ecommerce copywriters at XpertVA create to-the-point, original, and informative product descriptions making product listings engaging. Our professional virtual assistant services help you improve your shopper conversion rate.

    A+ Content Creation

    Our extensive experience and expertise in Amazon Catalog Management allow us to manage your Amazon store. The experts at our company can develop Amazon A+ content that will provide customers with all of the information they need and help them make informed decisions for their businesses.

    Image Processing

    Image processing for your product listings is also part of our Amazon Catalog Management. Our experts will edit images using advanced tools to ensure images are clear, properly lit, and visually appealing. This will enhance the quality of product listings.

    Why Should You Hire Amazon Catalog Management Services from XpertVA?

    At XpertVA, we realize that your product catalogs are the key to your Amazon store. With our suite of Amazon Catalog Management Services, we help you manage your business deftly. This allows you to focus your attention on core activities and generate higher sales revenue. Our experts keep in mind all the SKUs, product descriptions, titles, pricing, images, etc. Our suite of Amazon Catalog Management Services includes:

    This allows you to focus your attention on core activities and generate higher sales revenue

    360° Catalog Management Services

    • Categorizing items
    • Updating existing catalogs
    • Keying-in product details
    • Creating new catalogs

    Digital Conversion of Print

    • Transforming hardcopy catalogs to digital form
    • Providing all product-related information

    Optimized, SEO-friendly Catalog

    • Incorporating high-volume keywords
    • Optimizing Amazon catalog for search engines
    • Enabling you to rank better in Amazon searches
    • Helping you gain a competitive advantage

    When you join forces with XpertVA, you not only get high-quality service but also get relieved from such tedious tasks. This will allow you to focus on your core operating activities. Our skills and expertise will allow us to do these tasks for you with guaranteed service quality. Our expert Amazon virtual agency will support you create optimized listings keeping in mind the SKUs, brand name, product descriptions, images, etc. Our team will develop such engaging and compelling descriptions which will increase your visibility as well as your shopper conversion rate.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you mean by Amazon Product Catalog?

    The Amazon product catalog allows sellers to manage their product data. This includes the brand name, product descriptions, images, pricing, etc.

    What is the Amazon Catalog Management service?

    These are skilled third-party service providers who manage, maintain, and update your product information and listings. This is done in an organized and structured manner to grab customer attention and increase sales.

    Does Amazon have a Catalog?

    Amazon has a catalog for products and shoppers can scan the QR codes to locate the products directly.

    What is the AWS service catalog?

    The AWS service catalog allows IT businesses to develop and manage their catalogs.

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