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Amazon Listing Error Correction

Amazon Listing Error Correction

Suppressed listings refer to listings that do not meet rigorous Amazon standards. Amazon, in turn, suppresses these listings meaning that these listings do not appear in top customer searches on Amazon. As per Amazon, the listings are suppressed to enhance customer experience.

Amazon is very particular when it comes to user experience and the Amazon algorithm is focused on improving customer experience. The listings that are not made properly or do not live up to Amazon’s standards, are simply suppressed. Amazon sellers need to fix Amazon suppressed listings in order to improve their ranking and boost sales revenue.

Amazon Listing Error Correction Services

The product listings should be complete and accurate for improved shopper experience. This helps improve visibility and also improves the shopper conversion rate.


    This means that information such as product images, category titles, names, product details, and comprehensive descriptions should be included in the product listings. Sellers must know that if any of this information is unavailable, the product listing will be suppressed by the Amazon algorithm.

    Amazon sellers may realize that their product listings are not visible in Amazon searches or browse options. This most probable explanation will be that Amazon has suppressed your listing due to any of the reasons mentioned above. Sellers can fix Amazon suppressed listings themselves, however, this is time-taking and requires proper skills and experience.

    information such as product images, category titles, names, product details, and comprehensive descriptions should be included in the product listings

    XpertVA’s Amazon Listing Error Correction Services

    With XpertVA’s Amazon virtual assistants, you can fix Amazon suppressed listings in no time. Our team of professionals can fix Amazon suppressed listings allowing your business to run smoothly and generate sales. We will find the suppressed listings and fix them. We will optimize your listings so that not only are they available on Amazon searches, but also have a higher ranking, resulting in higher sales.

    Our experts make sure that the listings have all the required details; images, category titles, names, product details, and comprehensive product descriptions. Thus, we fix your Amazon suppressed listings and ensure that the product listings contain all the information that helps the customer make an informed decision.

    Professionals at XpertVA will fix Amazon suppressed listings and make sure that all of your suppressed listings are given proper attention and are corrected in such a way that they rank higher on the first page of Amazon searches. This will benefit your business as the listings will be available again and your sales revenue will improve.

    Hire Us to Fix Amazon Suppressed Listings and Improve Your Sales Revenue

    As Amazon is one of the biggest sellers in online retail with a high influx of sellers, this has made the competition fierce and it is very difficult to survive. This means that you need to build your competitive advantage and constantly boost sales. Having suppressed listings means you are not operating at the optimum level i.e., less efficiency and low sales.

    When you partner with XpertVA, our professional listing assistants go through all of your product listings (across multi-channel) and keep a constant track of their performance. If there are any low-performing or suppressed listings, our experts are sure to fix Amazon suppressed listings.

    Hire Us to Fix Amazon Suppressed Listings and Improve Your Sales Revenue

    It is important to note that listings may be suppressed by Amazon due to:

    • Lack of content and product descriptions
    • Less than 80 characters in titles
    • Main images with colored backgrounds instead of white

    The following list shows how we can help you double-check to ensure that your listings will not be suppressed.

    • We can complete the missing items in your listing such as the product descriptions, bullets, images, etc.
    • The child listings under Clothing and Accessories should have a product and brand ID. We also add additional details such as size, color, and department.
    • We make category titles keeping in mind that they contain more than 80 characters.
    • For listings in Shoe Category, we make sure that requirements such as 1000 pixels length, white background, 255 RGB value, etc., are fulfilled and additional details are also mentioned.
    • For Watches and Luggage, we ensure white background for images and 255 RGB value along with the relevant department.
    • For Jewelry, we add details like color, cut, etc., and adhere to additional guidelines of Amazon.

    Whatever your location, we can fix Amazon suppressed listings for your Amazon store.

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    Talk With Our Expert to Get Started Today!

    Feel free to consult XpertVA for efficient and effective Amazon Listing Error Correction Services to fix Amazon suppressed listings. Book a consultation with our skilled professionals and grow your Amazon business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is my Amazon listing suppressed?

    Amazon suppresses your listings when they do not adhere to the rules and guidelines set out by Amazon. This is done in order to improve customer experience.

    What does it mean by suppressed listing?

    A suppressed listing means that it is no longer available in Amazon searches. Amazon suppresses listings when they do not meet certain guidelines or are incomplete.

    How can I fix Amazon Suppressed Listings?

    Sellers can fix Amazon Suppressed Listings by the following steps:

    • Click Manage Inventory under the Inventory tab.
    • If Suppressed Tab is visible, click it
    • In the Issues to Fix column, enter the missing information highlighted
    • Click Save.

    However, this is not as easy as it sounds and the best way is to outsource this task which saves time and effort.

    What is a Suppressed ASIN?

    Suppressed ASIN occurs in case of incorrect categorizing, inadequate images, titles less than 80 characters, etc. The full list of reasons and their solution can be found in Amazon Seller Central.

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