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Amazon Listing Services

Amazon product listing

Once you have developed a product, the next step is the product listing. The product listing is not only a showcase of your product but also acts as a means to grab customer attention. The product listings are also important to ensure that the entire product catalogue is ranked higher in Amazon searches. This means that managing, updating, and ranking product listings are crucial for your Amazon store. This emphasises the need for Amazon listing services which prove to be an investment for your Amazon business rather than an expense.

XpertVA’s Amazon listing services are the best solution to add visually appealing product listings to your Amazon store. Our listing services include adding visually appealing product pages such as SKUs, product descriptions, pricing, reviews, etc. Given our extensive experience, we have developed a thorough plan to help your business in the creation, update, optimization, and execution of your product listings.


    Once you get in touch with us, our team of specialised Amazon virtual assistants will dedicate their attention to insights into Amazon seller listings. They will also perform extensive competitive, product, market, and SEO keyword research. The research will help your business to understand your target audience better and develop your product strategy accordingly. Next comes high-end copywriting using keywords related to your products and sales-driven language. We have practical examples that prove the effectiveness of this approach in terms of increased traffic, sale conversion rate, and organic ranking on the Amazon marketplace.

    XpertVA’s Amazon Listing Services Will Enhance Your Amazon Business

    The team of expert professionals at XpertVA will help you with your Amazon Product Listing. They will provide:

    • Welcoming and engaging content to maximize your shopper conversion rate.
    • Detailed SEO keyword search to enhance your reach and improve ranking.
    • Optimization of product listings and embedding high-volume keywords.

    Accomplishing each of these steps will help boost your sale revenues and profit margins and improve the ranking of your product listings organically.

    Management of Amazon Product Description Pages

    As part of XpertVA’s Amazon Listing Services, our team of experts creates SEO-friendly product detail pages. This helps improve the ranking of your product listings on Amazon searches and ensures that all your products have higher visibility. The enhanced ranking, online presence, and SEO-friendly product description pages lead to increased sales. XpertVA also provides the option for bulk listings in case you have several products to be listed on Amazon.

    Features of XpertVA’s Amazon Listing Services

    XpertVA’s Amazon Listing Services adopt an organic approach and perform the following key functions to help your business:

    Marketplace and Competitor Research

    To boost sales, it is necessary that you first have an idea of the market you are catering to. Knowing your competitors is a must and it allows you to develop your competitive advantage. Before listing your product, hire our Amazon virtual assistant who will conduct in-depth research of the target market and competitor analysis and then optimise your Amazon product listing. The experts also conduct market research to develop an engaging product catalogue.

    Marketplace and Competitor Research

    Product Categorization

    Sellers on Amazon often face difficulty in effective categorization and classification of products. As part of our Amazon Listing Service, our experts will help you find all the desired categories for your products while also keeping in mind the guidelines for product data entry. XpertVA’s product categorization services will help your potential customers quickly find your products with convenience. This increases sales revenues as it provides search relevance and added convenience.

    Precise, Engaging, and Informative Product Descriptions

    An important step in XpertVA’s Amazon listing service is writing effective product descriptions. Our expert copywriters have the skill and experience that gives them the ability to attract potential customers and increase the shopper conversion rate. Our experts will consider answers to what, who, when, where, why, and how and then write engaging product descriptions. These questions will best describe your product and inform the customers how the product is best suited for their needs. The resulting product descriptions will be much improved and will lead to a reduction in cart abandonment. Hence, an overall increase in the conversion rate will be seen.

    XpertVA’s Amazon virtual assistant services also include image processing and photo editing, which saves you time and money and makes your listing more visually appealing. The experts will enhance and edit the product listing images as per the need and ensure maximum client retention. Our experts will resize the image, remove the background, and fix eros (if any) to make the listings more compelling.

    List of Products with Features and Technical Specifications

    Our Amazon Listing Services also include developing a list of product features to increase traffic to your Amazon store. The use of technical specifications in product descriptions increases the visibility of product listings. Such product listings are buyer-centric and showcase specific requirements and buyers.

    Credible and Well-Balanced Product Reviews

    Positive customer reviews increase the buyers’ trust in the product. Our experts will write effective positive reviews for your product listings that will allow them to rank higher and boost your sales. XpertVA ensures proper research before the reviews are written. These reviews focus on product features and specifications.

    Product Reviews

    Why XpertVA’s Amazon Listing Services?

    At XpertVA, we believe that the most valuable asset is our customers and we aim to develop a positive relationship with our clients. We have a skilled and experienced team that provides highly accurate and cost-effective solutions for all your Amazon store needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Amazon Product Listing Services?

    Amazon listing services help in your product listings on the Amazon marketplace. Some tasks involved in Amazon product listing include data entry, bulk upload, catalog processing, and image processing and editing.

    Is Amazon Listing free?

    The individual plan costs $0.99 on every sale while the professional plan costs around $39.99 monthly.

    What does an Amazon Listing expert do?

    These experts provide you with solutions for all your needs related to product listing management, updating, and ranking.

    Is Amazon product listing profitable?

    As per some estimates, sellers make an average profit of $30,000 yearly. So yes, it is quite profitable.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    24/7 Virtual Assistant Support

    Our Virtual Assistant services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year to ensure the smooth running of your business. Our goal is to alleviate your workload and increase your sales revenue.

    Tailored Solution

    When you outsource to XpertVA, we analyze your business, your competitors, and the niche of your product. In this way, we can provide you with tailored Amazon store and Digital Marketing solutions.