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Amazon Marketplace Management

Amazon marketplace management service

The Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) offers very promising growth potential as it allows businesses to expand their global reach and boost their sales revenue. However, the FBA model is not for everyone and many businesses failed to successfully utilize the full potential of this opportunity. The main reason is that they grapple with the complex and exhaustive listing process of Amazon as well as the marketing and reporting requirements. Additionally, the Amazon Marketplace has become very competitive with a significant influx of sellers. It is now very difficult to outsmart the competition and create your brand image.

Many people fail to realize that selling on the Amazon Marketplace is not an easy task without proper Amazon Marketplace Management. Managing the Amazon account and updating and selling the products is a very challenging task. Many tedious tasks require special attention and time. Indulging into these tasks as an Amazon store owner is a waste of time as it diverts your attention from the main goal i.e., revenues. XpertVA has the solution to all your problems. Our professional virtual assistant agency will perform these tedious tasks for you and will also help your business to overcome challenges.


    Find the Best Amazon Marketplace Management Services at XpertVA

    XpertVA’s Amazon Marketplace Management Services will allow you to expand your business’s reach. We acknowledge that it is challenging to establish your presence in one of the largest marketplaces. Without an in-depth understanding of the platform, one cannot align the business and streamline the processes. So, you require someone with experience to assist you in the process.

    XpertVA has just the right tools for solving your problems with Amazon Marketplace Management. XpertVA has a specialized team for Amazon Marketplace Management and assists you in setting up your Amazon Store. Based on our extensive experience in e-commerce, we provide all solutions for Amazon Marketplace Management. Starting with setting up a new Amazon account, or if you have an already running Amazon store, we provide a suite of end-to-end services relating to Amazon Store Management. This includes Amazon account management, product cataloging, product listings, brand content creation, marketing, advertising, product optimization, and accounting.

    We have a comprehensive service portfolio that ensures effective Amazon Marketplace Management. We have a dedicated team to meet your needs with Amazon Marketplace Management and provide full-scale support at every step of the process.

    Our team comprises e-commerce professionals, SEO experts, Amazon virtual assistants, content writers, project managers, and graphic designers. It is committed to identifying the specific needs of your business and providing tailored support to ensure commitment. The team is focused on building your brand’s image, improving brand affinity, creating the brand’s value, optimizing, updating, and managing listings.

    e-commerce professional team

    We do this with a combination of our extensive experience, advanced tools, a holistic approach toward problem-solving, and industry best practices. This aids the process of Amazon Marketplace Management and helps us manage your Amazon account and comply with Amazon rules and guidelines.

    The Amazon Marketplace Management services are designed in such a way that they provide end-to-end support to our clients and allow them to improve their brand visibility, expand reach, and maximize sales. XpertVA also offers the option of a custom-service suite so our customers can opt for Amazon Marketplace Management services that are best suited for the needs of their Amazon store. Amazon Marketplace Management services at XpertVA include:

    Amazon Account Set Up

    The first step in the Amazon Marketplace Setup involves setting up the Amazon account. The team at XpertVA can help you in setting up your FBA account or become vendor or seller central. As part of our Amazon Marketplace Management services, we offer you the option of a customized store setup. Our experts have specialized skillsets relating to the initial activities during account setup. Such activities include registering the brand, classifying products and listings, case log management, etc.

    Amazon Product Listings

    The second step in Amazon Marketplace Setup is product listings. XpertVA’s Amazon Marketplace Management experts create and optimize product listings using advanced SEO tools to improve the performance of your business. This improves the search engine visibility of product listings and products that appear in top searches.

    Updating Product Listings

    The scope of our Amazon Marketplace Management is not only limited to the creation and optimization of your product listings on Amazon. Our team of experts also keenly monitors the listings and updates them to improve visibility. Our experts perform a thorough keyword search, and competitor analysis, and create effective URLs.

    Insights and Analytics

    XpertVA’s Amazon Marketplace Management experts constantly aim to improve the ranking of your business and ensure sustainability. They will help you improve the virtual representation of your product listings. Our Amazon analytics and in-depth insights will help you understand the current standing and change your business strategy accordingly.

    Insights, Analytics, Sales

    Content Enhancement for Amazon Store

    The A+ content is a must for improving popularity and sales. Realizing the fact, XpertVA has made content enhancing services an integral part of our Amazon Marketplace Management service. Our expert Amazon virtual assistant agency will help you create appealing brand pages for your Amazon store. We will help you enhance the content and product images to make the listings appealing to customers.

    Customer Reviews & Client Satisfaction

    Customer reviews are crucial for any business. Customers look for reviews before making a purchase. XpertVA’s Amazon Marketplace Management services include proficient product review writers. We will ensure the success of your Amazon store with online positive reviews. Part of our Amazon Marketplace Management also includes dealing with negative feedback and resolving problems to establish brand image and customer trust in your business.

    Why XpertVA’s Amazon Marketplace Management?

    We aim to build a healthy, positive relationship with our clients rather than just make sales. In this sense, we are highly motivated to provide quality service, understand the business’s core needs, and assess its goals to provide tailored solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the best value for your money and to ensure that you get the best cost optimization.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Amazon Marketplace?

    It is an e-commerce platform that allows third-party sellers and vendors to sell products on Amazon.

    What is the difference between Amazon and Amazon Marketplace?

    Amazon is related to Amazon.com and is one of the big names in online retail. Third-party sellers can sell their products alongside Amazon listings on the Amazon marketplace, which is owned by Amazon.

    What is an FBA acquirer?

    The term “FBA acquirer” refers to digital companies that are involved in acquiring, developing, and operating FBA businesses.

    What does FBA stand for?

    FBA refers to Fulfilment by Amazon which is an e-commerce model of Amazon that allows third-party vendors to store their goods in Amazon fulfillment centers. Amazon then packages and ships them to end customers.

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