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Amazon Order Processing Services

Amazon Order Processing Services

The Amazon marketplace is one of the largest online retail stores in the world, allowing sellers to reach millions of customers. Amazon highly regards buyers’ feedback and consumer reviews. This means a slight mistake in Amazon order processing can not only yield negative customer reviews but also dent product listing rankings.

Although image optimization and product content can make the listings more attractive and engaging, the efficiency of Amazon order processing i.e., holding orders, returns, refunds, replacements (if any), answering buyer queries, etc., are also crucial for surviving in Amazon’s continuously evolving marketplace. As a business owner, you might not have the proper skills and the dedicated time that is required to fulfill these tasks effectively. A better strategy, therefore, is to outsource Amazon order processing tasks to experienced and professional Amazon virtual assistant agency.

Manage Your Amazon Business with XpertVA’s Efficient Amazon Order Processing Services


    Selling on Amazon successfully requires dedication and tireless efforts to build a strong brand image and create quality listings. This means that you also need to focus on customer service.

    From effective management of customers’ orders to fulfillment of promises in the product listings, Amazon store owners need reliable Amazon order processing services. Without an effective management support team, one can never build a strong brand image nor can they increase sales revenue. This calls for dedicated professionals who have the required expertise and tools to do the job effectively.

    XpertVA’s Amazon Order Processing Services

    This is the part where XpertVA’s Amazon order processing services will help you. Outsource your Amazon order processing tasks to XpertVA as it will enable you to gain complete control over your sale orders. Our services will allow you to track and update your inventory, pre-order customer support, handle replacements or returns, etc.

    We will take control of customer orders right from their initiation and handle them till delivery of such goods is confirmed. You will get precise and real-time updates of every step in the process whether it is the invoice, delivery date, or product returns. Our Amazon order processing services allow you to:

    • Effectively process inventory and bulk orders with ease
    • Hold the right inventory and inform you about product performance
    • Get access to advanced order management software for Amazon that would be powered by human intelligence
    You will get precise and real-time updates of every step in the process whether it is the invoice, delivery date, or product returns

    Amazon Order Processing

    From the very start of the order, i.e., when the order is placed, XpertVA’s professionals Amazon FBA experts will provide complete support. We will first start by double-checking the order and ensuring product availability. Next, our agents will look for shipping possibilities. We will send automatic and real-time updates to customers that will result in improved shopper experience and increased satisfaction.

    Amazon Order Management

    Here at XpertVA, we understand the importance of maintaining a continuously updated database for every order received by your business. Our experts will edit, update, and store every critical order detail in your suggested format. Our professionals will also manage data entry support and extract all the necessary details from your orders. We will sort orders based on self-fulfillment or FBA and also provide status updates.

    Amazon Inventory Tracking

    To avoid business losses, both in terms of overselling or stock-outs, our experts keep track of the inventory levels, monitor stock changes, and update stock levels regularly. Our experts have the skills and experience allowing them to efficiently handle bulk inventory uploads.

    Shipment Processing

    As part of XpertVA’s Amazon order processing services, our experts offer product shipment processing services as well. Our team of experts will handle all information relating to the carrier, consignee address, dispatch scheduling, mode of transport, etc. This will ensure effective shipment processing and smooth product delivery.

    Our team of experts will handle all information relating to the carrier, consignee address, dispatch scheduling, mode of transport, etc

    Post-Order Support

    We will take care of post-sales support as well along with the above-mentioned services. Our experts are skilled enough to process replacements and sale returns effectively. We will update the replacement and return status along with the refunds or any changes made to the customer’s order as a return request as per their requirements. We will also handle issues relating to the product’s warranty and follow-up for customer satisfaction and feedback surveys.

    Why Outsource to XpertVA for Effective Amazon Order Processing Services?

    With a decade-long experience of working with over 500+ customers across the globe, XpertVA has gained the necessary skillset for effective Amazon Order processing services. We will fulfill all the outsourcing requirements for your business and provide dedicated and tailored Amazon order processing services.

    Our expert Amazon specialists will help you effectively manage your inventory, process orders, track inventory and shipment, and manage replacements, returns, or refunds. We will help your business cut costs by outsourcing these tedious tasks to XpertVA and allow you to focus more on your main operations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Amazon order processing?

    Amazon order processing is a crucial step in order fulfillment that begins when the customer places the order till the time it is delivered.

    What are the 3 steps of the order processing process?

    The first step is receiving the order from the customer. The second step is the fulfillment of the order and the last step is post-sale processes.

    What is the difference between order fulfillment and order processing?

    Order processing deals with customer orders that are placed and then delivered. While order fulfillment deals with returns, refunds, and replacements.

    What are shipping costs for a small business?

    Shipment costs can be up to $12 for smaller packages and $21 for large packages shipped domestically.

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