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Amazon Product Description Writing

Amazon Product Description Writing

Product descriptions are a crucial part of Amazon product listings as they inform shoppers about the features, specifications, technical information, product images, price, comparison charts, etc. Properly structured and well-written product descriptions written by professional Amazon virtual assistant deliver more than product specs and key features to customers; they engage them and increase conversion rates. Shoppers read product descriptions before making their purchase decision which further highlights the need of writing effective and engaging product descriptions.

Amazon is one of the biggest giants in eCommerce retailers with 200 million shoppers visiting each month. Over 2 million sellers are selling on Amazon which makes it difficult to get noticed unless your product listings rank higher in the Amazon searches. Product descriptions are an effective method to increase customer engagement with your product listings. Effective and engaging product descriptions not only improve shopper conversion rate but also improve visibility for your brand.


    Amazon Product Description Writing Services

    Writing effective product descriptions is crucial for your Amazon product listings, however, this requires proper skill and time. Many businesses do not have the right skills and the right tools that make them able to write effective product descriptions. The best practice is to consult third-party Amazon Product Description Writing Services as they are dedicated to the task.

    These professional Amazon Product Description Writing Services help improve your product rankings on Amazon searches. Product descriptions written professionally not only save your time allowing you to focus more on main business operations but also persuade customers to buy your products. This improves your visibility and also improves your shopper conversion rate.

    These professional Amazon Product Description Writing Services help improve your product rankings on Amazon searches

    XpertVA’s Amazon Product Description Writing Services

    Our expert Amazon store experts will create user-centric, precise, compelling, and engaging product descriptions while also focusing on ways to improve your sales revenue as well as your online presence and visibility.

    We will highlight all the key product features providing shoppers with all the relevant and required information allowing them to make informed decisions. Whether you are selling electronics, apparel, accessories, furniture, luxury items, or automotive components on Amazon, our Amazon Product Description Writers will provide compelling, user-centric copy that will engage your audience and get you more sales.

    Sellers on Amazon can utilize our quality services to gain higher sales revenues. We offer error-free Amazon SEO services for optimizing your product descriptions with a quick turnaround time and unlimited revisions.

    At XpertVA, we design product descriptions by, first, learning about the product and the personal of potential shoppers. We list the benefits, specifications, and features of the product and then choose the right keywords so the product listing ranks higher in Amazon searches. Our experts also analyze and compare product descriptions of competitors and use online tools to avoid errors.

    We list the benefits, specifications, and features of the product

    XpertVA’s complete suite of Amazon Product Description Writing Services includes the following:

    Short and Long Amazon Product Descriptions

    Our expert Amazon Product Description Writers combine information from the manufacturer’s site, supplier’s, and competitor’s website, allowing you to create short and long Amazon Product Descriptions. Our Amazon Product Descriptions are also SEO optimized and contain the most commonly searched keywords, giving your business an increased online presence and visibility.

    Bulleted Lists

    Our Amazon product description writing experts make bullets that make it easier for customers to learn about the product. This highlights all the key features and increases engagement.

    Product Specifications

    Amazon product description writing professionals at XpertVA create accurate and concise lists for product specifications. We also proofread your existing content and optimize it to improve quality and engagement. Our service entails creative, engaging, and informative product description copies.

    Why Choose Us?

    We have a niche-specific and experienced team of Amazon product description writing service providers. Once you hire our virtual assistants for writing product descriptions, we will dedicate all our efforts and resources to helping you with effective and engaging product descriptions. You will get a dedicated Virtual Assistant who will oversee the performance of your product listings and their productivity. We provide 100% creative and SEO-friendly Amazon Product Descriptions that will help increase visibility.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do copywriters write product descriptions?

    Yes, copywriters write product descriptions and they are also responsible for writing promotional content for events and online ads.

    Can I copy product descriptions from Amazon?

    Copying product descriptions is not a good idea as it is often misleading and sometimes unethical. If you cannot write engaging product descriptions, it is best to contact professional product description writers from XpertVA.

    How long should the product descriptions be?

    Typically on Amazon, the product descriptions are around 2000 words.

    How to write product descriptions?

    The first thing is to know who are your potential customers, know your niche, and then focus on product benefits.

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