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Amazon Product Onboarding

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Amazon Product Onboarding refers to the introduction of products to customers on the Amazon marketplace. This introduces products to millions of shoppers; allowing them to learn about these products and the product details. It also allows customers to develop their first impression of the product. Hence, Amazon product onboarding perfectly done by professional virtual assistants can positively influence the revenues and profitability of these products. It has become an integral part of Amazon’s business as it encourages customers to make purchases. Amazon Product Onboarding has also proved to unlock the in-built value for products.

A successfully implemented Amazon Product Onboarding process ensures the customers that they chose the right product. Shopper conversion is low mainly because customers do not understand the product properly or they feel that the product is not valuable. If properly done, Amazon Product Onboarding services help your business grow and maximize your product revenues.


    Grow Your Business and Profitability with XpertVA’s Amazon Product Onboarding Services

    Despite being aware of Amazon Product Onboarding, a majority of sellers fails to properly adopt best practices for listings. The process is, no doubt, tedious and overwhelming and it distracts you from core business operations.

    As you develop a new product, the next step is to launch it and generate sales revenue. XpertVA offers Amazon Product Onboarding Services to introduce your product to the customers. We can fulfill your product onboarding needs by introducing your product over different pages to let the shoppers know about the product details and its specifications. After reading about the newly developed products, customers are more likely to make purchases. We also make your products appear visually appealing and also inform people about the details of the product listing.

    Our team of expert Amazon virtual assistants is aware of the proper guidelines for product upload on Amazon. Our Amazon Product Onboarding Service will help you with new products and also improve the existing ones. You can rely on our Amazon Product Onboarding Service and focus your attention on the main operations of the business. XpertVA’s Amazon Product Onboarding Services include:

    • Bulk Upload Services for Amazon
    • Product Image Editing Services
    • Data Entry Template
    • Product Listing Management
    • Product Upload Services
    • Amazon Listing Optimization
    • Inventory Management Services

    XpertVA’s team of Product Onboarding Experts will ensure that your product listings rank high in Amazon search results. They ensure that your product listings appear in all customer keyword searches. This will lead to increased sales and higher product profitability.

    Your product listings rank high in Amazon search results

    Product Data Upload

    As part of our Amazon Product Onboarding Service, we follow Amazon’s guidelines for product upload. We upload and update products for your Amazon listings. Our experts will:

    • Upload and update product information including product description and ID, its title, MNP, SKU, UPC, tags, brand name, etc.
    • Update key product attributes and specifications to keep the customer well-informed.

    In addition, our experts will manage bulk uploads across the Amazon Marketplace using several third-party tools. They will also help you collate product descriptions from several challenging sources that include competitor sites, manufacturer sites, and paper catalogs. The improved and updated product listings, followed by Amazon Product Onboarding, will increase shopper conversion rate and sale revenues.

    Benefits of Amazon Product Onboarding

    Amazon Product Onboarding Process is a key to increasing the shopper conversion rate. It is often the case that shoppers are unaware of the product or they do not understand the product at all. Amazon Product Onboarding Service will help you to make the customers aware of the product and you will be able to build your product’s value. This will eventually lead to increased sales and higher profit margins. XpertVA’s Amazon Product Onboarding Service also offers other benefits such as :

    Large Scale Sales

    Amazon is one of the biggest sellers in the eCommerce sector and sellers can establish their business in global markets. Thus, selling on Amazon allows you to expand your reach allowing you access to millions of customers. Eventually, sales revenue increases as well as profitability. This highlights the need for Amazon Product Onboarding service as it introduces products to customers and increases shopper conversion.

    Money and Time Saving

    An added utility of Amazon Product Onboarding Service is that it allows you to save money and time given its scalability and flexibility which are key for your business. This means once you develop a product and it has been successfully onboarded, you will not only boost your revenues but also save costs.

    Save money and time

    Optimized Listings

    Successful Amazon Product Onboarding would result in optimized listings meaning that the product listing will rank higher in Amazon searches. At XpertVA, we will ensure that you get A+ content and a boost to your EBC to help your business grow.

    Effective Amazon Product Onboarding Services with XpertVA

    Having worked in the eCommerce sector for over a decade, XpertVA has a unique skill set and experience. This allows us to provide the following services:

    • Optimization of Product Listings
    • Product Data Upload
    • SEO-friendly Amazon Listing and
    • Product Onboarding Services
    • Increased brand recognition, listing visibility, and ROI

    When you partner with XpertVA, our best Amazon virtual assistant providers agency continuously monitor your business. As well as supporting your business operations, they also relieve you of the tedious back-office duties.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Amazon product onboarding?

    Amazon product onboarding refers to introducing newly developed products to potential buyers. This entails listing optimization, detailed product descriptions, etc., that allow customers to learn about the new product. Thus, it increases the shopper conversion rate and sales revenue.

    What is the role of Amazon product lister?

    The main job of Amazon product listers is to create product listings for your Amazon store. They also manage and update these listings to ensure high visibility.

    What is the importance of Amazon Product Onboarding?

    Amazon product onboarding helps in unlocking the true value of products. It also increases customer trust in the product thus increasing revenues.

    Why is Product Onboarding important?

    Amazon product onboarding describes the new products to customers to raise awareness about specifications and descriptions. It is the first impression of the product and is key to the success of the business.

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