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Amazon Product Taxonomy Services

Amazon Product Taxonomy

Amazon has defined a well-developed and well-structured product category tree that consists of several product categories and different levels of sub-categories. These product categories and sub-categories map out in the form of a tree with several branches representing each of the different product categories. This not only adds specificity but also makes it easier for customers to navigate to their desired product. This added simplicity makes it convenient for customers to improve their searches.

In Seller Central, Amazon has provided a Browse Tree Guide (BTG) which is a set of guidelines for listing the products in their respective categories. The BTG also helps you choose the appropriate sub-category or node for your product. The BTG also contains “recommended browse nodes” which are the specific IDs for product categories on Amazon. BTG usually contains 3 columns, which are:


    • Node ID – Represents the identification number for a specific browse path.
    • Node Name – Contains the names of browse nodes.
    • Terms of Use – Lists correct terms and field names.

    You should make sure that your product listing contains the correct node ID, node name, and field names and terms to ensure your products show in the required browse path. Using the correct node makes it easier and more convenient for customers to locate your products by simply applying a filter. Hence, it enhances the visibility of your product listing and improves the shopper conversion rate.

    Improve Visibility and Better Conversion with XpertVA’s Amazon Product Taxonomy Services

    If you are already selling using your Amazon account, you must be aware of how much time taking it is to assign each product listing to the right product category. The intensity of the task increases when you have more than one products to sell using your Amazon account.

    At XpertVA, the best amazon virtual assistant agency, we have the solution for all your problems relating to Amazon Product Taxonomy. Whether it is a single listing or bulk listing, we got you covered with our Amazon Product Taxonomy Services. This means that we do all this strenuous work for you so that you can focus more on your business and not on such tedious tasks. Our professionals at XpertVA ensure that all your product listings are assigned to accurate categories. This creates value for your customers, improves user experience, and increases sales revenues.

    improves user experience, and increases sales revenues

    Our experts conduct thorough content and Amazon metadata research in order to create a standardized Amazon Product Taxonomy. This facilitates easy and quick navigation for customers. The process involves value generation and attribute definition for all the different categories and the related products.

    We offer seamless and professional Amazon Product Taxonomy and Mapping Services for hassle-free and smooth navigation across several product categories on Amazon. We ensure appropriate listing under relevant categories.

    XpertVA’s Amazon Product Taxonomy Services – Driving Channel Growth with Category Tree

    We understand that classifying products for each product category is a tedious task. As part of our Amazon Product Taxonomy services, we help you in identifying similar product listings and classifying your products correctly in appropriate categories and sub-categories. Our experienced professionals have in-depth domain expertise and provide tailored solutions depending on international classification coding systems and product industry standards. This provides intuitive classifications and creates a string of categories that customers can navigate easily using the Amazon store search.

    XpertVA’s Amazon Product Taxonomy Services consist of:

    • Definition of Product Attribute
    • Localization of Attribute Data
    • Categorization based on Customer Preferences
    • Cleansing Attribute Data
    • Standardization and Data Normalization
    • Supporting Data Modification
    • Definition of Collection Taxonomy
    • Mapping Presentation Taxonomy
    • SEO-based Categorization

    Benefits of Amazon Product Taxonomy Services

    When you require our Amazon Product Taxonomy Services, our experts dedicate their skills and expertise to help you intelligently categorize your products on Amazon. This makes it convenient for customers to find the products that they intend to buy.

    This makes it convenient for customers to find the products that they intend to buy

    Hierarchical, Logical Structure

    Whether minute details or top-level product categories, we got you covered everywhere with our Amazon Product Taxonomy Services. At XpertVA, we ensure that the product listings are displayed in a logical and hierarchical structure so that they are easy to navigate. This will facilitate product page-level optimization, product-level merchandizing, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and integration with shopping engines.

    Product Values and Attributes

    XpertVA professionals standardize and accurately define product values and related attributes to create proper Amazon Product Taxonomy.

    Way-Finding Facilitation

    Our expert amazon virtual assistants diligently classify product listings in the Amazon taxonomy tree. The products are classified to streamline customer searches on Amazon.

    Enhanced User Experience

    Appropriate Amazon Product Taxonomy is one where the images, categories, and descriptions are in proper arrangement. It will lead to an improved user experience and allow them to quickly find what they need.

    Why XpertVA’s Amazon Product Taxonomy?

    We value our customers the most and we strive to deliver quality services to our clients. At XpertVA, our team of skilled professionals will do all the tasks relating to Amazon Product Taxonomy to relieve you of this extra burden and help you focus on the core operations of your business.

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    Contact XpertVA to book a consultation for our Amazon product taxonomy services and hire our professional experts who will conduct detailed research to help you in finding accurate product taxonomy for your products.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How products are categorized on Amazon?

    Products are classified using the Product Classifier tool that helps identify the accurate classifications for your listings on the Amazon marketplace.

    What are Amazon categories?

    Being one of the biggest online retailers, Amazon has developed categories to streamline searches and help customers navigate to the right products.

    How many categories does Amazon have?

    Amazon has 36 broad categories and sellers can identify the right product category to sell their products.

    What does BTG mean?

    The Browse Tree Guide (BTG) can be found in Seller Central and it helps businesses identify the appropriate categories for their products.

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