Amazon Project Zero

Amazon Project Zero is a scheme aiming at minimizing the number of fake products on Amazon. It gives brands a fair control over the sellers and the buyers of the product on Amazon platform. This inventiveness manipulates the knowledge and machine learning of the products including the effective process of counterfeit process. The focus of this plan is to alleviate the counterfeits and subtitles and for that certain implementations are applied by the merchants to sell particular brand products.

Amazon Project Zero provide the following tools for Brands.

1: Automated Protections:

Amazon Automated Protections uninterrupted, keep a check on the sellers’ store and drive out the fake listing and false counterfeits. Sellers provide all the logos and trademarks which are then analyzed by Amazon. Average 5 million product listing updates are examined every day to reduce fake listing effectively.

2: Self-service Counterfeit removal tool:

Firstly, Amazon was also been involved in solving counterfeits and false listing. This mechanism is self-supported and is also included in Amazon’s Automated Protection TO catch the fake Listing.

3: Product Serialization:

Product Serialization provides a special code for ever brand product unit produced and is patched with every product unit as a part of its manufacturing process. When product uses this Serialization service, Amazon scan and verify the authenticity; allowing to minimize the risk preventing the counterfeit before approaching to the customer.

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