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Amazon Store Setup & Management

Amazon Store Setup & Management

Setting up your Amazon store can be a difficult and tedious task because of all the minor details that require attention. Also, setting up your Amazon store may not be as simple as it seems. You need to take care of every aspect to ensure smooth working, increased customer interaction, and boosted sales revenue.

Understandably, you would want to have a strong brand image and an increased customer base. Having a unique, attractive, and customer-friendly Amazon store will skyrocket your business. It will help you develop a strong brand image and also help gain customer loyalty. Hence, you will be able to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals.

XpertVA’s Amazon Store Setup & Management Services

Competition on Amazon is fierce given Amazon’s FBA model which has resulted in a high influx of sellers. With XpertVA’s Amazon virtual assistants, you can make your business more prominent on the Amazon marketplace.


    Our team of expert Amazon store setup service providers is up-to-date in terms of updates and guidelines from Amazon. This will make sure that your Amazon store has all the needed information as well as comply with latest data security protocols.

    Why XpertVA Specializes in Amazon Store Setup & Management Services?

    Our suite of Amazon store setup services includes basic seller profile information including business logo, business information, credit card, other bank account details, and return policies, etc.

    This will make sure that your Amazon store has all the needed information as well as comply with latest data security protocols

    Our team of expert professionals will adjust all the shipping settings for your business. This includes your shipping method, your location, and if you would like to take a break or go on a vacation.

    Areas of Our Speciality

    XpertVA’s team is proficient in:

    • Amazon Account Setup
    • Amazon FBA Setup
    • Amazon FBA end-to-end Management
    • Amazon A+ & Enhanced Content
    • Brand & Listing Policy
    • Amazon PPC Management & Setup
    • Amazon eCommerce Copywriting
    • Amazon Keyword Research
    • Amazon Listing Optimization
    • Amazon Account Optimization
    • Review Solicitation

    Amazon Store Setup Services

    With the right skills and the right type of management, you can showcase your brand as well as your product listings to a significantly larger audience. However, without the right type of management and skills, your Amazon store would not progress as much.

    Professionals here at XpertVA will help you set up your Amazon store and create the best designs for your Amazon storefront. This will best showcase your brand on the Amazon marketplace and will enhance the user experience.

    Our proficient team for Amazon store setup services will ensure quality home page design, content creation, title selection, page navigation, and additional page designs for your Amazon store. We will set up your online store in such a way that it will replicate a real-time showroom that will impress your customers and improve your shopper conversion rate.

    Our proficient team for Amazon store setup services will ensure quality home page design, content creation, title selection, page navigation, and additional page designs for your Amazon store

    Amazon Product Listings

    Amazon store product listings are different from regular Amazon accounts. Our experts in Amazon store setup services will effectively manage bulk listings without flaws and delays. We have a decade-long experience and have the right tools to upload new listings and manage product information updates on as and when required basis.

    Amazon FBA Setup & Management

    Amazon’s FBA model is preferred by the majority of the sellers since it is more beneficial. However, opting for the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) without prior analysis and plan can lead to a loss.

    XpertVA can help you avail the maximum benefit of Amazon FBA and yield high profits. Not only is our Amazon store setup service cost-effective but it will also help you generate higher sales revenue and improve your shopper conversion rate. We will provide tailored services that would help you choose the right FBA package as per your products and sales value.

    Our team of team of Amazon experts will also help you determine the right value for your products by factoring in all aspects such as delivery and other related costs. This will stop the profit drain and improve the productivity and profitability of your listings. We will also constantly track your inventory to ensure a steady and smooth flow of production, delivery, and sales. This will generate maximum sales revenue and help you build a strong brand image.

    Amazon Store Setup Management Service

    Amazon allows sellers to edit and upgrade their store pages and product listings anytime they want. For the effective use of this feature, XpertVA has a full-time team for Amazon store setup service. The breakdown of the data collected from competitor analysis and product research by our experts will help us frequently monitor your performance and update you frequently.

    Key Benefits of Our Amazon Store Setup Management Services

    XpertVA has over a decade of experience and is trusted by clients around the world. Our tried and tested methods of Amazon store setup & management have helped many Amazon sellers based in different parts of the globe. Our Amazon store setup management team comprises programmers, data entry specialists, editors, SEO experts, quality assurance specialists, skilled copywriters, and experienced project managers. Last but not the least, we provide dedicated services to help you set up a unique Amazon store and expand your business.

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    Feel free to consult XpertVA’s professionals for cost-effective and efficient Amazon Store Setup & Management Services to enhance the shopper experience, boosted sales revenue, and an attractive storefront. Book a consultation with our skilled professionals and grow your Amazon business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can anyone set up an Amazon store?

    Yes, the Amazon storefront is available to anyone who wishes to register their brand with Amazon and sell in the Amazon marketplace.

    Is it free to set up an Amazon store?

    Yes, setting up an Amazon store is completely free for existing Amazon sellers.

    How long does it take for setting up Amazon Storefront?

    Amazon will determine how long it takes to process an application after it is submitted. The usual time ranges between 2 to 14 working days.

    How many Amazon stores can you have?

    Amazon Webstore allows sellers to create up to 5 storefronts that function independently.

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