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Reduce Your Burden and Create Value for Your Customers with XpertVA’s Amazon Virtual Assistants

Amazon is one of the leading marketplace in the online retail sector. Their projected net sales for 2020 were $386 billion and are increasing annually. The Amazon FBA model has drawn the interest of various sellers, and it has a large international customer base. Due to a sudden inflow of vendors, Amazon Marketplace has become overrun by retailers offering the same products. Because of this, it is highly challenging to produce income because one must outsmart the competitors and attract customers.

Many people are unaware of how challenging it could be to sell on the Amazon Marketplace without the required skills and experience. It’s incredibly challenging to keep your Amazon account up to date, update your products, and sell them. Numerous tedious tasks require extra attention and time. These tasks are a waste of time for Amazon business owners since it diverts their attention from the main goal, which is profit. All of your problems can be solved using XpertVA. Our professional virtual assistants will carry out these time-consuming tasks for you and assist your business in overcoming hurdles.


    How can an Amazon Virtual Assistant at XpertVA help you?

    An Amazon virtual assistant from XpertVA can remotely assist you in operating your online business. The services provided by XPertVA are quite diversified and our assistants can help you at every step of your business model. This includes looking after all the work that you as a business owner can delegate to the virtual assistant assigned to you. For example, our experts will perform business tasks such as looking for products for your online store, customer service, advertisement, etc, and making your product listing attractive and engaging for customers.

    If you are intending to build your e-commerce business and sell your products on Amazon, then here are some of the most important services that we provide to our customers:

    Amazon PPC Optimization

    Amazon PPC is Amazon’s advertising platform that it makes available for third-party sellers to create advertisement campaigns for their product listings. Amazon PPC is based on the Pay-Per-Click model i.e., sellers are charged for every view and customer click on their ads. This model is very helpful for eCommerce brands and is a cost-beneficial approach to boost your listing.

    Vendor Central Management

    The specialists at XpertVA have the necessary Amazon Vendor Central account management skills. We employ marketing strategies and methods including listing Amazon Sponsored Ads, saving, and subscribing, among others. We have a decade of expertise providing vendors worldwide with Amazon Vendor Central Management Services.

    Product Listings

    Our team of experts will dedicate their attention to insights into Amazon seller listings. They will also perform extensive competitive, product, market, and SEO keyword research that will help you better understand your target audience and develop your product strategy accordingly.

    Catalog Management

    Our skilled team, extensive experience, and technological competency allow us to support you in creating product listings and managing content effectively. The full spectrum of our Amazon Catalog Management services includes product onboarding, maintenance and updating, organization, A+ content, and much more.

    Order Processing

    Outsource your Amazon order processing tasks to XpertVA as it will enable you to gain complete control over your sale orders. We will take control of customer orders right from their initiation and handle them till delivery of such goods is confirmed. You will get precise and real-time updates of every step in the process whether it is the invoice, delivery date, or product returns.

    Amazon SEO

    XpertVA can assist Amazon sellers in making their business and product listings to be preferred by shoppers. Our result-oriented Amazon SEO services are best suited for your business as we have a decade-long experience in content and keyword optimization. Our result-oriented Amazon SEO services are best suited for your business as we have a decade-long experience.

    Seller Central Management

    The solutions for your Amazon business are all included in the Amazon Seller Central Management Services at XpertVA. Our qualified personnel deliver precise and high-quality product data. Our experts for Amazon Seller Central will create product descriptions that make it simple for your customers to grasp the attributes of the products and find listings.

    Writing A+ Pages

    XpertVA’s professionals will ensure such content for your pages that will entice customers to make the purchase. We will create A+ pages for the product listings on your Amazon store that include product details and descriptions, clear images, and optimized and keyword-rich content that promote the product listings and improve visibility.

    Amazon Store Setup

    We provide specialized services to aid you in creating a unique Amazon store and expanding your business. Our team is composed of programmers, data entry experts, editors, SEO specialists, quality assurance specialists, skilled copywriters, and experienced project managers.

    Product Description Writing

    We specialize in delivering high-quality Amazon Product Description Writing Services. Our experts will create user-centric, precise, compelling, and engaging product descriptions while also focusing on ways to improve your sales revenue as well as your online presence and visibility.

    Product Review Writing

    Our professional team of writers helps promote your brand across several platforms. We will help you create clear, honest, concise, and informative reviews for your products providing personalized touch that can have a positive influence on the buying patterns of your target customers.

    Fixing Suppressed Listings

    Amazon is very particular when it comes to user experience and the Amazon algorithm is focused on improving customer experience. Amazon sellers need to fix Amazon suppressed listings in order to improve their ranking and boost sales revenue. With XpertVA’s Amazon listing error correction services, you can fix Amazon suppressed listings in no time.

    Why should you hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant from XpertVA?

    Most of the e-commerce businesses on Amazon are sole proprietorships where the owner is often overburdened and the business suffers because the entrepreneur has productivity overload.

    Managing tasks:

    Your Amazon VA from XpertVA will do the jobs you find bothersome to do such as trying to solve customer queries, replying to emails, or following up on the sales inventory and orders.


    XpertVa’s Amazon virtual assistants are always available to completely support your business with their impressive online business handling skills such as developing your product pages, editing and improving your pictures, and analyzing the sales data for your business.

    Saving time:

    Hiring an Amazon VA will save you time and money. It is an ideal choice for business owners like you to hire an Amazon VA because in the long run, it will cost you a lot less than a full-time employee. It also decreases the overhead costs such as renting an office space and paying bills etc.

    Minimum Employee Obligation:

    The Amazon virtual assistants at XpertVA are responsible for paying their fixed rate which cuts the cost of taxes and employee benefits. These costs are hence, not transferred to your business.


    When you hire Amazon virtual assistant services from XpertVA, you can focus on important tasks that boost the growth of your business. Our efficient virtual assistants can significantly reduce your workload.

    What Can You Expect from an Amazon Virtual Assistant at XpertVA?

    If you are intending to build your e-commerce business and sell your product and/or services to other businesses on Amazon, then here are some of the most important ways in which your Amazon virtual assistant at XpertVA can help you:

    Amazon Product Hunting

    One of the most required foundation services that an Amazon virtual assistant at XpertVA can provide you with is the research and market analysis that is needed to find products that can maximize profits for your business. In order to enhance the quality of your eCommerce stores by maximizing the profit margin, XpertVA’s Amazon virtual assistant will ensure that your product is trendy and in demand.

    Our Amazon FBA virtual assistant will look for the winning product that only needs a nominal amount of money spent on marketing it and generating higher sales at the same time. Here are a few characteristics that describe a winner-product but it may vary according to the criteria for your particular business:

    • Ensuring that even if there is high demand, there should be little competition for the product.
    • Have profit margins that are at least 25% to 30%.
    • Products must have a minimum of 10 sales per day.
    • The top 3 related keywords have at least a 5000 monthly search volume but will differ according to Amazon Marketplace.
    • Products that are not seasonal and are in demand all around the year.
    • Products that are easy to find at source and easy to ship.
    • Must have two products with less than 150 reviews on the first page.
    • Recurring purchases prompted by the product.
    • Featured products that have a best-seller ranking (BSR).

    The product hunting criteria is subjective to Amazon Programs (FBA, FBM, Wholesale, etc) and always differ from seller to seller as they have their own set of characteristics.

    Sourcing and Logistics

    The virtual assistant for Amazon can source products on Amazon through several ways such as dropshipping, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Dropshipping is quite cost-effective because when your customers order products online from your digital business, Amazon is programmed to send your order directly to the dropshipping wholesaler who gets the order ready to be shipped to the customer. You do not keep the products you sell at your own storage facility. You buy the products for your online store from a third-party wholesale supplier who ships your products to your customers.

    Once you have decided on the product and made your mind to hire amazon experts, the Amazon VA will identify potential manufacturers and suppliers. The most common portal for sourcing and delivering products to Amazon Warehouse is Alibaba.com. The Amazon virtual assistant at XpertVA will ensure that a supplier can be trusted by auditing their profile status, for example, do they have trade assurance? Do they have good reviews? Do they have a Gold Suppliers Badge? Etc.

    Your XpertVA’s Amazon virtual assistants will also take care of the logistics of your business. This includes figuring out the legal restrictions, writing and signing sales contracts, patent infringements, shipping and customs costs, and safety regulations. XpertVA Amazon virtual assistants have extensive experience and carry out comprehensive research to provide you with the best service.

    Creating a list

    The Amazon VA from XpertVA will create a listing of your product on the Amazon website. Your customers can then purchase the product and your business can now begin generating some revenue. At XpertVA, our assistant will create compelling, detailed, and optimized listings to drive maximum traffic towards your product.

    Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant could be a great resource for tracking your product listings and being attentive to what’s going on. For example, your Amazon virtual Assistant would notice when inventory is becoming stale and needs to be sold off when there is an unexpected drop in revenues for an item that requires adjustment to the listing or price. Our Amazon virtual assistant will also look after listings and update them with pictures or text.

    These are some of the things your XpertVA Amazon virtual assistant will do while creating listings for your business:

    • The product description is explained well.
    • There are five to seven eye-catching visuals such as photographs, animations, and videos on your listing.
    • Well researched SEO driven keywords are used
    • The product description is easy to skim through which means that the important information stands out and the customer does not have to read the entire content.
    • The dimensions and features of your product are clearly mentioned.

    Advertisement (PPC) on Amazon

    The assistants in our Virtual Assistant Agency have one of the highly sought after and highly paid skills which is the number of PPC (pay per click) advertisements and they consider themselves to be PPC experts. Amazon offers a PPC advertising model, where the advertiser pays a small fee when a customer clicks on the advertisement.

    The cost per click (CPC) is dependent on the keyword competition and search volume which your Amazon VA will find out through tools like Jungle Scout and Helium-10.

    To drive business to your e-commerce business, our professional virtual assistant services will use the three types of advertisements offered by Amazon which are sponsored products advertisements, sponsored display advertisements, and sponsored brands.

    Sponsored Products are advertisements for individual product listings on Amazon. They appear within the results for shopping searches and on pages that have product details. Sponsored displays let you show your product advertisements to those customers who have previously seen your product or similar products online, used search terms related to your product, or bought your product. Sponsored brands are advertisements formulated to enhance the visibility of your brand among consumers shopping for products like yours. These advertisements show up in Amazon search results and feature your brand logo, a customized headline, and several products.

    Ranking your product on Amazon

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a selection of strategies formulated to improve the presentation and placement of web pages in Google search results. XpertVa’s Amazon virtual assistants are experts in increasing the ranking of your product on Amazon search results. As the ranking goes higher, so do the sales resulting in maximizing profits.

    Competitor Analysis

    Competitor analysis is a very important part of operating any business, and XpertVA’s Amazon VA excels at that. Our virtual assistants will compare your products with the ones offered by the competitors. This inculcates, comparing prices, reviewing your competitors’ product listings, auditing their brand practice, checking their reviews, and analyzing their targeted keywords etc. With all these insights, your Amazon virtual assistant will formulate a product listing that stands out among the competition.

    Customer Service

    Our Amazon virtual assistant services will take care of all the customer service needs of your business, including attending to and resolving any questions from the customers before, during, and after purchasing your product. The Amazon virtual assistants at XpertVA will respond to customer queries through email, and phone calls which is guaranteed to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

    Managing Product Inventory

    Amazon virtual assistants from XpertVA will track, store, and ship your products to the satisfaction of your customer demand efficiently and quickly. We understand that managing your product Inventory management is a very important part of the process to avoid excess or shortage of product so that it does not adversely affect the storage cost and customer satisfaction respectively.

    Therefore our best virtual assistant will efficiently manage your product inventory in two ways. The conventional way is to keep a tab of shipping and storage using Google or Excel sheets. The more automated method is to use a third-party inventory management software that Amazon supports.

    What are some of the tools that XpertVA’s Amazon Virtual Assistants use?

    At XpertVA, we use some tools that can be beneficial for gaining these valuable insights while mining the best products.

    Jungle Scout

    XpertVA’s virtual assistants use Jungle Scout, the ultimate Amazon research tool that delves into the most non-researched and obscure realm of the digital marketing world to find the winning products for you

    Apart from this, its specifications such as Niche Hunter, Product Tracker, Product Database, and Keyword Scout will help you conveniently and efficiently manage your product hunt, inventory, listings, and sales.

    Helium 10

    H-10 works exactly like Jungle Scout and has almost the same features. Apart from suggesting possible and profitable product strategies, your Amazon virtual assistant at XPertVA will look for appropriate keywords, optimize listings and assist you in managing everything through one dashboard.


    Amazon VA uses its progressive features and data-driven approach to completely automate and optimize your online business with it using Amazon keyword research, Amazon advertising, and PPC, research and Amazon keyword tracking.

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    Why Choose XpertVA?

    Data-Driven Strategies

    Our experts have a data-driven approach that helps your business stand out from the rest. This allows us to develop data-backed strategies and increases your shopper conversion and sales revenue.

    Dedicated Amazon Specialist

    Our team of eCommerce experts partners with you and extends its dedicated and hands-on services to assist you in your Amazon business.

    Best-in-Class Technology

    We use advanced tools and are proficient at handling multi-channels for your business. We adhere to Amazon’s guidelines because we know that this helps your business grow and prosper.

    Monthly Reporting

    We provide frequent reports and give you insights into our progress for Amazon listing optimization services. Your team can utilize this data and use it to improve your bottom line.

    Transparent Pricing

    We have a very transparent pricing system and also offer custom quotes. We help list your products on Amazon and also improve your listings.

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    24/7 Virtual Assistant Support

    Our Virtual Assistant services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year to ensure the smooth running of your business. Our goal is to alleviate your workload and increase your sales revenue.

    Tailored Solution

    When you outsource to XpertVA, we analyze your business, your competitors, and the niche of your product. In this way, we can provide you with tailored Amazon store and Digital Marketing solutions.