The 5 Best Amazon Seller Tools for 2022

More people started their journey in the Amazon FBA business which requires less investment to establish everlasting benefits. On the same side, as newbies, they don’t know much about this world and need to know some best Amazon seller tools which can ease their work.

Amazon is a useful platform to start which lets you generate a high and regular level of income in comparatively a short period of time.

It is always the easiest step to make a decision but difficult to stay consistent on it. Likewise, it is easy to establish your Amazon storefront but you’re lucky to start this in 2022 (or a year ago) as there are plenty of useful Amazon seller tools that can optimize your process in order.

Every next day, you can see a new tool for Amazon FBA seller launch in the market but it is not necessarily designed for the newbies. Henceforth, we have designed a list of best Amazon seller tools that put you on the endless track of Amazon endeavor successfully.

  1. Amazon Seller App

Amazon Seller Tools

For the newbies, this tool is quite handy in their retail arbitrage. Besides its usefulness, Amazon Seller App is a free introductory tool that can surely have a try with no or less upfront investment.

This app scans the product and suggested a reasonable and current selling price for you to set as an Amazon FBA seller. It is nicely basic and free to use and download. It gives a nice starter to work with as a fresher E-Commerce seller.

  1. KeyworX

Amazon Seller Tools

When a newbie jumps into the Amazon race, he should get familiarized with the keyword significance for their all products in order to win that race. Having a potential keyword with a high search volume can rank your product at the top and increase your sales.

KeyworX is one of the special best Amazon seller tools that is specifically designed to track keywords for the seller. Keyword tracking is the engine of the whole amazon product train which pulls the item forward and optimizes it.

For a product to get ranked, a keyword is a crux. Amazon product listing mainly relies on PPC management and SEO in which keyword research and tracking play a pivotal role to rank the product listing at the top.

KeyworX tracks the potential keyword for you which is most suitable for your product with more monthly searches. It means that having a great number of searches will optimize your product and appear on the top of the searches which eventually increases your sales.

This tool has a subscription fee on a monthly basis and is recommended by many sellers to get top results in no time. Besides keyword tracking, KeyworX provides ongoing support, tutorials, and training for subscribers.

  1. AMZFinder

Amazon Seller Tools

The best Amazon seller tools list is incomplete without the AMZFinder. It is important for the fresh Amazon sellers to get good customer reviews. Reviews are essential yet critical for the product to get a good rank so that your product listing appear on the top results and customers get convinced to buy your product

AMZFinder helps to increase the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) which converts your viewers into buyers. This tool helps in getting more reviews through automated emails to your buyers by offering 500 free emails per month.

If you want to send more emails then there are paid plans as well but 500 emails monthly is a good starter for the newbies.

  1. Sellics

Amazon Seller Tools

When you achieve your first milestone on Amazon; meaning that you buy any of your products then surely you would desire to increase your sales and grow your business. Sellics is a wonderful Amazon seller tool that helps in the comprehensive management of your account.

Specially designed for business growth, this tool helps in SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click management), competitors monitoring, reviews, research, and inventory management.

    1. Unicorn Smasher

Amazon Seller Tools

Amazon is all about the business which mainly rests on what and how well you do it. Selling good products which are in demand is the best to earn more and faster. For a newbie, it is important to know what products are currently in high demand and why you should opt for them.

Unicorn Smasher is a tool designed for product research so you don’t have to give extra work on it. You can get the list of top products, what competitors are potential, and at what price it is in sell most.

You can skyrocket your sales within a month by having a good product with more sales and a reasonable price. You can download it from their website and seek some help in your product research.


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