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Add Video to Your Walmart Listing in 3 Steps

Walmart aims to become the biggest online store and is constantly trying to compete with Amazon. Walmart aims to create a better world and help people lead better lives and thrive. With this aim, they work to create opportunities to help people grow and lead to a sustainable future.

Walmart offers rich media content like videos, 360° spin images, etc., to be uploaded on the listing pages. Remember to abide by Walmart policies to ensure smooth workflow and also to maximize customer engagement.

3 Steps to Add Video to Your Walmart Listing

3 Steps to Add Video to Your Walmart Listing

When attempting to add a video to your Walmart listing, you must include a VTT file of the movie along with the video titles and item details in an excel template. You must adhere to thee three steps:

  1. Select the Case Subject & Download Excel Template

The first step is to prepare a case about the video you want to upload on Walmart. You will definitely be required to mention the listing ID for the item. For this, you would need to contact Walmart Partner Support from the Help menu. Once there, select the “Items and Inventory” and then go to the “Rich Media” option. Now click “Videos”, select “Open Case via Email”, and download the file.

  1. Prepare the Excel File

Open the excel file and input data including the item ID, video link, GTIN, and URL for Language and Rich Media closed captioning, and then save it.

  1. Upload the Excel File

Finally, save and upload the file on Walmart to ensure the video is added.

Benefits of Adding Video to Listings

Video is one of the best ways to showcase your project and is often exactly what shoppers are looking for.  It helps them learn about the product and engages them to make their purchase decision. As per some surveys, almost 50% of shoppers look for videos related to a product when viewing it online. But be very careful, if video is not embedded properly, it could create a listing error that would require an expert in the field to diagnose and fix it.

90% of consumers claim that watching videos helps in decision-making. Making your customers feel they have all the data they need to finish a transaction can be achieved through the use of video. It has been observed that people stay on your page for more than twice as long when there is a video available for them to watch. This helps your pages be found on popular search engines like Google, which increases your chances of making a sale.

Although there is no secret to the advantages of video content for eCommerce, many firms on Walmart.com are missing out on this high-conversion prospect. Make your product stand out on the digital aisle by including the video content that today’s consumers want to see!

Video as a Competitive Advantage

More and more consumers will visit Walmart marketplace’s pages as it develops and grows. But increased opportunity also increases rivalry. The research found that Walmart is the top choice for the majority of businesses wishing to expand to a second marketplace.

Through the use of extra rich media in their listings, such as videos, interactive product tours, extra photographs, descriptions, banners, comparison tables, and more, enhanced content on Walmart gives sellers a distinct advantage over rivals.

Enhanced Content is one of the quickest ways to add more interesting media to listings, which is something that is desperately needed. Going above and above what Walmart requires of you makes your products stand out to clients and enables you to assist them in visualizing your products in their daily life.

Understanding Enhanced Content

Beyond the standard components of an item page, enhanced content goes further. It enables a brand to convey the most profound message about its offering. Videos, comparison tables, downloadable documents, and limitless customizability using a brand’s assets are all examples of enhanced content.

Benefits of Enhanced Content for Walmart Listing

Benefits of Enhanced Content for Walmart Listing

  1. Customer Engagement

Videos and other enhanced content acts as the digital canvas for your business. It helps sellers define the “WHY” behind their brand and increases customer engagement. It provides valuable insight to the shoppers helping them make informed decisions.

  1. Conversion Rate

Uploading videos is a great way to optimize your Walmart listings. Including videos in your listings engages customers and draws them in. Listings have better engagement rates and longer page dwell times. Enhanced content and videos affect your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) and can advance your listing to appear in front of more users from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective. As a result, more individuals are not only viewing and clicking on your item, but they are also staying longer and making more purchases.

Why Choose XpertVA?

No doubt, Walmart has great service and has become one of the biggest eCommerce retail chains in the world. You can also set a new course for your business and yourself by becoming a successful seller on Walmart by focusing on proper and effective listing optimization.

XpertVA’s Walmart product listing optimization and SEO services will help promote your listing ranking and also boost your sales conversions.


Adding video and other enhanced content to your Walmart listing is an effective method to attract maximum shoppers as it allows them to view the product in detail. This helps them understand the product and its specification in detail and engages them to make their purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rich media?

Rich media refers to an ad that contains audio, video, and other elements of digital advertising that encourage viewers to engage and interact with the content.

How to create a URL for an image?

There can be many ways to generate a URL for an image, however, an easier and simpler method is to use apps such as Imgur.

Is selling on Walmart Marketplace worth it?

Listing products on Walmart is an effective method to boost the scope of your business. It allows you to expand your consumer base and sell to millions of online users spread across the globe.

What are examples of rich media?

Rich media includes images, videos, podcasts, GIFs, infographics, etc.

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