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Advertising on Walmart Marketplace

In recent years, Walmart Marketplace’s e-commerce platform has advanced significantly, in part due to the pandemic’s needs. The website not only welcomes more than 200 million visitors each week, but its advertising revenue has increased as a result of improved and expanded products.

Similar to Amazon, Walmart Marketplace gives qualified merchants a variety of advertising choices. Ads that display as visitors browse pertinent categories and search results are something you can make. Additionally, businesses have the freedom to advertise their brand or product.

Walmart Marketplace, however, has rigorous eligibility and ad expenditure requirements in contrast to Amazon. Businesses must set a minimum monthly expense of $1000 and submit an ad application to Walmart Marketplace.

Although you can manage your advertising strategy internally, Walmart Marketplace provides ad management services only for ad campaigns that have a budget of at least $25,000. If your company spends less than that, you may always collaborate with a company like XpertVA that specializes in Walmart Marketplace advertising.

6 Easy Steps for Walmart Marketplace Advertising

Here is how you can advertise on Walmart Marketplace:

6 Easy Steps for Walmart Marketplace Advertising

  1. Become a Walmart Seller

Start by applying if your business is not already active on Walmart Marketplace. Your application can be finished in almost 15 minutes. Walmart Marketplace requests a variety of details as part of your application, including your annual online sales income and your eCommerce experience.

Once Walmart approves your application, you can resume the account registration process by:

  1. Signing the retailer agreement with Walmart
  2. Completing the seller profile for your business
  3. Linking your payment account to your seller profile

Once these steps are complete, you can begin uploading your products.

  1. Launch Your Product Catalog

Now that your business has become part of the Walmart marketplace, you can now start creating your product listings. At this stage, Walmart also allows you delete the product listing as well if you notice any mistake in it. Sellers have few options to bring their product catalog to the Walmart marketplace website. There are two ways i.e.,

  1. Full Item Spec – Select the Full Item Spec option if your company wishes to produce a completely unique product listing. By choosing this option, your business can obtain a sample product template from a relevant category, such as clothes for men.
  2. Setup by Match – Use the Setup by Match option if your business sells goods that are currently on Walmart Marketplace. This simplified method uses data from related listings on Walmart Marketplace to construct your product listing.

Walmart Marketplace advises that sellers should increase their inventory by about 100 goods. Order testing must be finished after their product catalog has been configured. This basic step can be completed in the Seller Central account.

  1. Request Walmart for Advertising Access

You can start running ads on the Walmart Marketplace now that your business is registered and active there. Each proposal is examined and approved by the Walmart Media Group, which serves as Walmart’s advertising platform.

To apply to Walmart Media Group, email [email protected] stating the following information:

  • Your company name
  • Contact information (your name, email, and phone number)
  • Number of SKUs offered on Walmart
  • Product category
  • Primary campaign objective
  • Target audience
  • Your choice of advertising plan (seasonal, annual, etc.)
  • Anticipated budget

Depending on how your business performs on Walmart, you may be approved for advertising on the Walmart marketplace. Walmart Media Group does not expressly mention its performance requirements, however, they do require a minimum budget of $1000 monthly.

  1. Attend Walmart Advertising Webinar

You can move on to the following step in the process of advertising on Walmart Marketplace if Walmart Media Group grants permission for your company to do so. Your business will be informed and invited to a training webinar by the Walmart Media Group.

You must attend the webinar in order to begin Walmart advertising. Walmart Media Group holds these seminars weekly which offers some flexibility for attending them. Webinars also help sellers understand some essential details such as how the Walmart platform works, etc. Additionally, there is a Q&A session towards the end of the seminar.

  1. Log in to Walmart Ad Platform

Once your ad has been authorized and you have attended the webinar, the Walmart Media Group will grant your team access to the advertising platform. Your business can log in to your advertising account using the credentials for your Seller Account.

Upon approval, the Walmart Media Group allocates a dedicated category specialist for your business. You should have the expertise to start developing advertising after the training webinar. You should get in touch with your assigned category specialist if you have some inquiries and are not working with an ad agency such as XpertVA or the Walmart Media Group.

  1. Launch Your Ad Campaign

You can start your first ad campaign after the Walmart Marketplace advertising onboarding procedure is complete. However, you should analyze a few crucial things before you develop one. For instance:

  • The products you wish to advertise
  • Quantity of these products
  • Budget spend per product
  • Duration of ad campaign

You can design your campaign and advertisement once you have devised its advertising strategy for Walmart Marketplace. Your team should regularly check the effectiveness of your approach after the debut of your advertisement. You may keep improving your ad and its outcomes by using this strategy.

Cost of Advertising on Walmart Marketplace

Your company may somewhat tailor how much it spends on advertising thanks to Walmart Marketplace. Walmart Marketplace does, however, impose tight guidelines for advertising on Walmart.com in contrast to other ad platforms. But these requirements guarantee the optimum user experience. Here is a summary for your convenience:

Cost of Advertising on Walmart Marketplace

Why Choose XpertVA?

Professional ad agencies cost more money, but they also bring expertise. With more than 500 experts in digital marketing, XpertVA has more than a decade of experience. In addition, we have a track record of generating higher revenues for our clients with our tried and tested marketing and advertising strategies. 

Moreover, XpertVA’s Walmart product listing optimization,  SEO services, enhanced content, adding video to your listing, deleting listings, and listing error correction will help promote your listing ranking and also boost your sales conversions. Our Walmart virtual assistants are up-to-date with the changing policies and guidelines by Walmart and will keep you updated as well helping you boost your business.


Advertising your Walmart listing is easy but there are certain requirements that sellers must first fulfill. If you do not wish to be burdened by the tedious task, simply contact us and we will manage everything for you. Our experts will make sure to get your business registered with Walmart Media Group so you can start advertising. We will also guide you with various advertising and marketing strategies to optimize your ad spending and yield maximum benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I promote my Walmart listing?

Once you are registered as a Walmart seller, you need to launch your product catalog and request your advertising access. Once you are done with all the prerequisites, log in to your Walmart ad platform and start your advertising campaign.

Can I promote my business at Walmart?

Yes you can promote your business at Walmart, however, it is important to remember that Walmart has a screening process.

What type of advertising does Walmart use?

Walmart employs a variety of media, including TV advertising, social media, billboards, and e-commerce websites, to promote its products. They provide secure shipping solutions that offer online shoppers the highest level of customer care.

Is it hard to get on Walmart Marketplace?

The application process takes only about 15 minutes, however, Walmart is very strict with its requirements and guidelines.

Feel free to contact XpertVA for  professional Walmart account management services, successful Walmart application, effective Walmart account creation, marketing, advertisement, and management services to improve your listing ranking, enabling you to improve product visibility and the overall quality of your listing to maximize sales. Book a consultation with our skilled professionals and grow your business.

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