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Amazon’s A9 Algorithm | How it Works – Expert Guide

Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

Irrespective of the fact that you are an established Amazon seller, or have just stepped into the Amazon eCommerce business by setting up your Amazon account, there is a high probability that you do not have a complete idea about Amazon’s A9 algorithm. 

An understanding of the working of the Amazon A9 algorithm is very important for sellers. It allows them to understand how the ranking system of Amazon works and also helps them improve their ranking. This ultimately helps sellers to improve the visibility of their product listings and derive higher sales revenue. It helps their business growth and sellers can scale their business by improving their reach.

Amazon uses the A9 algorithm to decide which products should be ranked in what order in customer search results which is the same as Google’s algorithm. The algorithm considers SEO keywords to decide which results are most relevant. The A9 also emphasizes sales conversion of listings, meaning that it prioritizes listings with high shopper conversion rates. Hence, Amazon SEO services are crucial for higher visibility of your business and for improving the ranking of your listing in customer searches. 

Since the A9 algorithm focuses more on SEO-friendly listings and those with high shopper conversion rates, this has an overall cumulative impact. What this means is that listings that are highly ranked will be more likely to receive more traffic. Thus, they will have a high shopper conversion rate. Having a high shopper conversion rate will further boost the listing ranking.

Importance of Keywords

Proper usage of relevant keywords is a crucial factor that Amazon considers while ranking your listings. SEO-friendly keywords help Amazon to realize the relevance of your product listing with that of consumer searches and queries. Amazon has automated this task with its A9 algorithm. Once you integrate important and relevant keywords in your listings as well as the product descriptions, the A9 algorithm will automatically rank your listing in the top Amazon customer searches.

Researching high-volume keywords by yourself or hiring Amazon SEO services is very crucial for your business. You need to be as creative as possible and utilize one of the best search tools to find keywords with the highest search volume.

It is important to use keywords that are relevant to the product. This not only makes it easier for customers to navigate but also improves your listing ranking. This improved product visibility will increase your impressions as well as the shopper conversion rate helping you derive more sales revenue.

Integration of Keywords

The next step after successfully identifying the most suitable keywords is to use them strategically. This refers to the way you use them while writing the title for your listing, the product descriptions, and the details. You need to include as many SEO-friendly keywords as you can in the title as well as the description. But keep this in mind that it should appear to be incoherent or illogical and the shoppers can read everything easily.

An effective strategy for this can be to use long-tail variations for your primary keywords along with connector words between each keyword. Using pipes and dashes is another effective method as it also increases the shoppers’ readability. Finally, an optimized product listing and its title should mention the key selling features and benefits of the item using SEO-friendly keywords.

Sale Conversions – Why are They Important?

Improving the shopper conversion ratio is a key part of expanding any business. This improves the Amazon search rankings for your listings and highly contributes to the overall business success. 

As mentioned earlier, Amazon factors the sales conversion ratio of the product listing to determine its ranking. This is because Amazon’s A9 algorithm wants to promote high-earning listings therefore it highlights them by ranking them higher in Amazon search results. As a result, increasing your sales conversions will benefit both your company and increase visitors to your listings through better rankings. Some methods can be used for optimizing your product listings. This includes methods such as making sure the text in bullet points is persuasive and it communicates clearly to your customers. 

Amazon sellers should use engaging and persuasive language and ensure clear communication with customers, especially when finalizing their purchases. This will help convince the customers to make a purchase. Many shoppers make up their minds very quickly. This means that you need not only rely on text for improving your product listings. Image optimization is also very necessary and a crucial part considered by many well reputed Amazon SEO services. Using high-quality, clear, and sharp images with white backgrounds is best.

Monitoring Performance

The process does not end once you are done building a product listing that is optimized for both sales conversions and keywords. You are required to regularly check your listing’s performance to make any necessary corrections or updates whenever required.

If at any time you find that the keywords are not effective, or your products are not ranking to the desired level, you may now need to restart the research phase to identify stronger keywords. Understanding Amazon’s A9 algorithm will help you research and identify keywords and optimize your product listings. 

Key Points for Optimizing Listings – A Summary

Effective Amazon SEO strategy is necessary for the optimization of your product listings and help you increase your shopper conversion, sales velocity, and keyword relevance. This prompts the A9 algorithm to boost your listing and rank it in the top Amazon customer searches. A few factors that need to be kept in mind are:

  • Title of your listing
  • Images
  • Bullets and product descriptions
  • A+ content
  • Product Reviews
  • Competitive prices
  • Inventory
  • Backend Keywords

While making a product listing, be sure to write an engaging and persuasive description and use SEO-friendly keywords to help customers navigate to their desired location and learn more about the products. Once all these factors are optimized in your listings, your business will be on the right path towards a higher listing ranking, and increased shopper conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the A9 algorithm?

Amazon uses the A9 algorithm to rank listings in customer searches. The A9 algorithm is designed to look for higher sales velocity, SEO-friendly keywords, and increased shopper conversion rate. If your listing fits the criteria, the A9 algorithm will rank it higher in Amazon search results.

How Amazon uses algorithms?

Amazon uses different algorithms to analyze product listings, ranking them in Amazon search results, and matching them with shoppers’ queries.

What is SEO in Amazon?

SEO in Amazon refers to using high volume and most relevant keywords to improve your product listing ranking.

What are keywords on Amazon?

Keywords on Amazon refer to the key search terms that are often used by people to search for their desired product.

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