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Amazon SEO:Follow These 6 Steps to Rank Your Product Listings

Amazon SEO Guide

Amazon is one of the biggest sellers in the field of eCommerce. Amazon sales approximate 43% of the overall online sales. Due to the increasing number of individual sellers selling their goods to millions of Amazon clients, Amazon is still growing. There is no doubt that it has become one of the fastest-growing retailers.

There is a high influx of sellers on Amazon and the competition is fierce. Businesses are constantly battling for gaining that competitive advantage over others. This will help them expand their reach and also generate higher sales revenue. 

Before hiring Amazon SEO services to improve your product rankings, it is better to first understand how Amazon ranks product listings. When people search for something on Amazon, they are directed toward the listings that have the right keywords matching their search. For sellers, this can be a great challenge since they need to make sure their listing title, product description, etc., contain every relevant keyword to their product listing.

With its A9 algorithm, Amazon has automated this process. As soon as you incorporate significant and pertinent keywords into your product descriptions and listing, the A9 algorithm will automatically place your item among the most popular searches made by Amazon customers.

Amazon SEO services are crucial factors that Amazon considers while ranking your listings. SEO-friendly keywords help Amazon to realize the relevance of your product listing with that of consumer searches and queries. 

It is important to use keywords that are relevant to the product. This not only makes it easier for customers to navigate but also improves your listing ranking. This improved product visibility will increase your impressions as well as the shopper conversion rate helping you derive more sales revenue.

Another thing to note is that Amazon SEO is not only about finding the right keywords, sellers also need to find products that have high consumer demand for their listings to rank higher.

Amazon highly focuses on ways to enhance shoppers’ experience. Only those listings would be shown that perfectly fit the users’ queries. Therefore, you also need to make sure that your products perfectly match the user’s requirements along with SEO-friendly keywords for your listings.

Tips to Improve Amazon SEO

If you want improved visibility and maximum customer reach for your product listings, you need to make sure that your listing ranking is high. This will not only help you generate more valuable leads but will also improve your sales velocity.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the key part of Amazon SEO but there is a slight difference compared to traditional SEO. Amazon SEO is more buyer-centric and contains three or more keywords. Shoppers normally use long-tail keywords in their Amazon searches. This is because long-tail keywords help them find the product listings that are close to their requirement. 

It is, therefore, important that sellers focus on every possible keyword relevant to their listing. Many free tools, such as Sonar, etc., can help sellers to research and identify the most relevant keywords for their listings. These tools normally used by Amazon SEO services find keywords with high search volume. Hence, sellers can prioritize these keywords and use them in their listings.

Once selected, these keywords need to be properly integrated with Amazon product listings. These can be used in listing titles, product descriptions, etc. This will ultimately improve the visibility of your product listings and help you boost your sales revenue.

Managing Reviews

Customer reviews are a crucial part of your business. Shoppers are most likely to view product reviews before making their purchase decision. Thus, managing product reviews is a crucial part of Amazon’s SEO campaign.

The top listings in Amazon search results are mostly those that have at least four stars. These stars represent the positive customer reviews on the product listings. You would also want to boost your listings and enjoy the increased shopper conversion given the positive ranking. Customer reviews not only let shoppers understand what the product is; what quality to expect, etc., and help them realize what is exactly being sold. 

It should be noted that not all reviews are positive. Amazon sellers must address the negative reviews effectively that would prevent customers from deterring from your listings in future. Your response to this negative feedback also shows how you handle bad customer experiences. Effectively addressing negative feedback will improve customer confidence and help you build a stronger and positive brand image. This ultimately leads to increased sales velocity and boosted listing ranking.

Title Optimization

The first thing a customer notices about your listing is its title. The way the title is formatted will have a direct impact on how your listing appears in product listings. Amazon sellers need to make sure that every vital element is added to the listing title. 

Since it is important to order the listings properly, sellers need to make sure that the title is in the right order. This will impact the audience’s perception of your listing and is therefore a crucial part of Amazon SEO. The title should contain the most relevant keywords first to improve the chances of higher search ranking. 

Image Guidelines

Images are a crucial part of the product listings and prove to be helpful in the purchasing process. Product images allow shoppers to see what they are purchasing even before making a purchase. This increases their confidence in the product listing and improves the chances of shopper conversion. 

Amazon encourages sellers to use clear product images preferably with white backgrounds. It is recommended that the size of the images be greater than 1000×1000 pixels so that users may zoom in without compromising image quality.  

Although adding product images does not directly impact Amazon SEO campaigns, it improves the shopper conversion rate by convincing customers to buy. A higher conversion rate means a higher ranking and improved visibility for your listing. 

Product Pricing

Sellers need to be aware of the prices of goods sold by their competitors. For a listing to be competitive. It needs to have a comparatively lower price to attract maximum shoppers. Sellers would always want the best quality product for the least amount paid. This concept can be referred to as competitive pricing and is an effective part of Amazon’s SEO campaign. For making listings competitive, sellers need to set a price lower than usual and create additional value for their potential customers. 

Using Bullets

Bullets are an effective way to communicate the product’s main features and key selling points and highlight the benefits of using the product. But shoppers do not have the time to read long paragraphs so it is better to break down information using bullets. 

Bullets make it easier for customers to understand the product and make informed decisions. This helps improve the ranking of your product listings and also increases your shopper conversion rate.


Listing optimization and Amazon SEO services are crucial for increasing the organic ranking of your product listings and boosting sales revenue. Amazon uses the A9 algorithm to boost the ranking of the product listings showing the most relevant results to customers. Amazon’s focus is to enhance shoppers’ experience and provide them with the best-suited listings for their keywords. Amazon SEO includes the utilization of SEO-friendly keywords in the product title, product description, etc., that improve Amazon search ranking, sales velocity, and ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO in Amazon?

SEO in Amazon refers to using high volume and most relevant keywords to improve your product listing ranking.

What is the A9 algorithm?

Amazon uses the A9 algorithm to rank listings in customer searches. The A9 algorithm is designed to look for higher sales velocity, SEO-friendly keywords, and increased shopper conversion rate. If your listing fits the criteria, the A9 algorithm will rank it higher in Amazon search results.

Why do I need an Amazon SEO strategy?

Amazon’s SEO strategy helps sellers to scale their business by improving their listing ranking and increasing sales revenue.

What are keywords on Amazon?

Keywords on Amazon refer to the key search terms that are often used by people to search for their desired product.

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