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Deleting Your Walmart Listing

There can be a number of reasons why you would want to delete a listing or retire an SKU from Walmart Seller Center as a seller; you might not be able to list your product to Walmart or might have a different SKU using the Universal Product Code (UPC) and you need to retire the product.

Also, if you are trying to list an SKU but you receive an error from Walmart stating “Unable to complete the product data setup process” or “Unable to override SKU because there exists another source product from the same seller/org ID” then this is the perfect guide for you.

Walmart only permits one SKU per UPC in the Seller Center. Because of this, you should remove any SKU that currently exists in your Walmart Seller Center for a specific UPC before adding another SKU with the same UPC.

Retiring Walmart SKUs on per SKU Basis

If you wish to retire individual Walmart SKUs, follow the following steps:

  • From your Walmart account, search for the integrations page
  • Locate the Walmart card and click it
  • In the Retire SKU section, enter the SKU that you wish to retire

Retiring SKUs in Bulk

Use the “Bulk Actions Suite” to search for the SKUs you want to retire, then create a custom bulk action to retire the SKUs in bulk. Pick the “Delete/Archive on Channel” action type, then pick the Walmart integration from the list of available integrations.

Retiring SKUs on Walmart Seller Center

First you need to de-list the SKU that you want to retire from your Walmart. Sign in to your Walmart Seller Center and go to the “Manage Items” section. Search for the UPC or the SKU that you wish to filter and click the checkbox against the item you wish to remove. Finally, choose the “Retire Item” option.

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There can be many reasons you wish to delete a Walmart listing from your account. However, you need to be careful and follow the above mentioned steps properly to ensure that you have successfully delisted the SKU that you wish to retire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete a Walmart SKU?

De-listing the SKU from Walmart is the first step in retiring it. Go to the “Manage Items” area after logging into your Walmart Seller Center. Click the checkbox next to the item you want to remove after finding the UPC or SKU you want to filter by. Finally, pick “Retire Item” from the menu.

How do I delete my Walmart seller account?

Walmart does not have a default option to delete your seller account. If you wish to delete your Walmart account, you need to speak to a Walmart support associate. You can also contact Walmart support by calling 1-800-WALMART (9256278).

What happens when you delete a listing?

Once you delete a listing, it is permanently deleted from your inventory. The product does not exist nor does your inventory shows any balance.

Can sellers recover a deleted listing?

No, a listing once deleted cannot be recovered and you would have to list it again.

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