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What is Walmart Listing Error?

Walmart listing error can be categorized as the error that arises when the invoice item appears as something different or when the invoice item is different from the original item added. This is common for stores that use barcodes to record invoices and also to track inventory.

The Walmart listing error arises when the seller is trying to create a new listing or add more items to an already existing one. The main factor that leads to this problem is that your Walmart account might have some problem or there may be incorrect information on your product listing pages. These listing errors have become a problem for several Walmart sellers.

In this post, we will discuss the most common causes of Walmart listing errors and also shed light on ways to fix them.

Causes of Walmart Listing Errors

There are various reasons that can lead to errors in your Walmart product listing. The purpose of this blog is to help you better understand their causes and how to fix them.

  1. Inaccurate Product Descriptions:

One of the most common reasons for Walmart listing errors is incomplete product descriptions. This refers to product descriptions that are not detailed enough and are not in line with Walmart’s guidelines and standards. 

  1. Inaccurate Measurements:

Inaccurate measurements are another cause of mistakes on Walmart listings. A problem with your listing could arise if your goods were measured inaccurately or if no measurement was made at all.

  1. Category Mismatch:

“Category mismatch” is one of the most typical listing error problems on the Walmart marketplace. A Walmart listing error occurs when you attempt to sell something on Walmart that does not fall under one of their specified categories.

If this happens to your listings, do not freak out! Simply tell Walmart that the product is not in the system when you speak with them. You can resume selling after they add that to their inventory.

  1. UPC Match Error

A UPC match error occurs when your product has an invalid UPC. If you are having problems locating the UPC for your purchase, ask someone at Walmart for assistance or check the barcode on back side of one of the boxes. It should be in black or blue color. As soon as you have the data, enter it in your listing.

If you have been having problems with your Walmart listing for a long but are not currently noticing any errors, it is likely that there was a mistake in the past but it has been fixed by a team of experts or by someone else. If you do not see any errors but think something could be off, please contact a team of experts straight away so they can check your current listing (like a wrong price).

Types of Walmart Listing Errors

Walmart listing errors can be divided into three broad categories:

  1. Product Formatting Error

Such an error occurs when the product description or the title of the product is not formatted properly. Special characters such as underscores and/or asterisks can be used to italicize or bold things, however, do not overdo it.

  1. Inventory Errors

Such type of errors occur if there is a disparity between the number of goods you have listed for sale on Walmart and your inventory levels. 

  1. Duplicate Inventory

This occurs when you have the same item posted for sale in multiple categories, such as when you have a product in both your “Home & Kitchen” category and your “Furniture” category.

Quick Ways to Fix Walmart Listing Errors

Now that we all know that Walmart listing errors occurs because seller’s goods appear on Walmart.com with incomplete or inaccurate information. This could be due to inaccurate prices, inaccurate photos, or missing details like ingredient or size information, among other things.

The most important cause of this is improper formatting of your product description; in order for it to appear correctly on Walmart’s website, it must adhere to precise formatting requirements. 

Following are the few quick ways to fix your listing errors:

Get in Touch with Customer Service Department:

Check to see if the issue is with the product listing image, product page itself or your account. Get in touch with Walmart’s customer service department and fully describe the circumstance.

Make a New Listing:

If your product page or the account is not having any problems, consider making a new listing and manually uploading each item one at a time. This will assist you in determining the problematic item so that you may address it later.

Ensure the Quality of Your Products:

Ensure that your products are in good condition with no defects or damage of any kind since this could hamper sale of your products.

Check for Typos:

One of the most typical reasons for listings to contain errors is typos. Verify the spelling of all relevant contact details, including your name, address, and any relevant phone or email numbers. Verify again that none of the product descriptions you have written contain typos.

Check for Pricing Errors:

Errors in pricing are yet another frequent issue faced by Walmart sellers. Contact a manager at your local store to see if they can modify the price for you if you believe your goods should cost more than what is stated on Walmart’s website. Additionally, you can compare pricing at several shops that sell comparable goods.

Check Item Availability:

If you are adding a new item but you lack sufficient inventory, then this problem can arise. You should first ensure that you have sufficient inventory on hand before adding a new item.

4 Steps to Report an Error in Walmart Listing

Walmart is a multinational corporation that runs a variety of international retail franchises. In order to make sure that all of their listings are current and reliable, there are a number of rules and protocols that must be followed. 

If you feel there is an error in your Walmart listing, here is how you can report it in 4 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Walmart website and sign in to your seller account
  2. Go to “My Account” in the top right corner and then go to “Edit Profile”
  3. Find “Report an Error” section and then click on “Report an Error”
  4. Fill out all the required fields and then click submit.

Why Choose XpertVA?

No doubt, Walmart has great service and has become one of the biggest eCommerce retail chains in the world. You can also set a new course for your business and yourself by becoming a successful seller on Walmart through proper and effective listing optimization and avoiding errors as mentioned above. 

XpertVA’s Walmart product listing optimization and SEO services will help reduce listing errors, promote your listing ranking, and also boost your sales conversions. 


Adding video to your Walmart listing is an effective method to attract maximum shoppers as it allows them to view the product in detail. This helps them understand the product and its specification in detail and engages them in making their purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Walmart listing error?

If items in your FBA shipment are not linked to an active listing or your listing has been deleted, your inventories have a listing error if it is not related to any active ASIN (either accidentally or by a competitor). This is typically a simple repair. The ASIN is simply relisted.

How do I edit my Walmart listing?

Go to Settings > Listing Templates & Recipes to access Walmart Listing Templates. You can create new Templates or change existing ones from this page by selecting Walmart.

Which factors lead to maximum optimization?

Content and Discoverability, Reviews and Ratings, Offer, and Post-purchase quality are the factors that help optimize your listings and increase the chances of increased visibility and sales conversion.

Why would a listing be Cancelled?

When the homeowner cancels the listing contract with her agent prior to the contract’s predetermined expiration date, the listing is recorded as “withdrawn” or “canceled.” Until the seller accepts the offer, the buyer is entitled to withdraw their offer to purchase the property. This is often referred to as being “withdrawn.”

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