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A How-to Guide for Adding a Variation to an Existing Amazon Listing

Many Amazon sellers get confused about the variations on Amazon. No doubt, the variations can be a little confusing sometimes. It is important to note that the parent-child variations are not valid for every related product. However, if a variation exists, Amazon requires you to use it.

The problem arises when the parent-child variation when a new child variation is added to an existing parent product. This issue can be resolved in the simple way described below.

3 Steps to Add a Variation to an Existing Amazon Listing

Adding variation to an existing listing can also be regarded as a part of creating an Amazon listing itself. The process is fairly simple and you just have to follow the following steps:

While creating an Amazon listing, if two or more products are somewhat similar but different in size, flavor, color, etc., then sellers should add parent-child variation to such listings.

Step 1 – Finding Parent ASIN

First off, you need to find the details for the existing (parent) listing’s Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). This can be found in the product detail section of your Amazon listing as shown below.

It is important to note that the parent Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are usually shown on the child ASINs’ detail pages.

Step 2 – Add Parent ASIN and Child ASIN to Your Inventory File Template

Now, the next step would be adding information relating to the new child ASIN to your inventory file template. For this, add the parent item and fill in all the required fields to create a parent-child relationship for the child ASIN. It is to be noted that the theme of the child product must be matched with that of the parent product.

Be sure not to duplicate any other SKUs with the SKU in the parent row. Sellers can choose any alphanumeric string, less than 40 characters, or leave this blank to let the system automatically fill in the SKU number. Keep in mind that the SKU number you fill is unique for your listing.

Now, specify the product ID field as well as the parent ASIN and type “ASIN” in the product ID Type box. Also, associate the existing parent item’s ASIN with your new child product. In the delete/update column, enter “PartialUpdate” for the child SKU and “Update” for the parent SKU. This should be done while assuming that your inventory already contains the child SKU. If the case is otherwise, i.e., the child SKU is not present, use “Update”.

Step 3 – Validate & Upload Inventory Template

In the last step, sellers will need to first validate and then upload their completed inventory template. All the mandatory information must be entered properly in their required fields. You can learn more about the parent-child variation on the variation relations FAQ or watch a video tutorial.

More About Amazon Variations

ASIN misuse is one of the common listing issues that sellers encounter frequently. This issue is severe and can even lead to suspension of their Seller Central accounts. Thus, it is a must to do this correctly. I hope this can help you learn about how to add variation to an existing Amazon listing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add variations on Amazon after listing?

Yes, you can add variations to your Amazon listing. But, this depends as Amazon allows varying features to sellers for each of their listings.

How do you add a variation to an existing Amazon listing 2022?

On your Seller Central homepage, locate the Inventory drop-down menu, and click “Add a Product”. Finally, click on “Add a variation” using Amazon Variation Wizard.

Why I can’t add variations on Amazon?

This issue may arise in some categories where Amazon does not allow variations.

How do I combine product listings on Amazon?

Merging product pages on Amazon can be suggested straightforwardly. You choose from the assistance menu’s Merge Duplicate or Split Product Pages options. Next, choose Merge Duplicate from the menu.

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