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6 Easy Steps to Create an Amazon Listing

An effective Amazon listing can prove to be a crucial factor in the success of your business. It can help your business to stand out and grab more customer attention. 

Amazon product listings are a direct link between you and your customers. These listings serve as a storefront for your Amazon business means every customer interaction is via these listings. Hence, how well these listings are has a direct impact on the sales, profitability, as well as brand value, and success of your business. It becomes your job to attract and entice shoppers through your listing; its title, description, and images.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to optimize your product listings. This includes using SEO-friendly keywords, copywriting, and engaging visuals. In order to succeed as a seller on Amazon, you must first learn how to properly list and optimize the listing of your products.  

Hiring third-party Amazon listing service, XpertVA is an effective way to optimize the process of creating your product listings. 

Amazon Product Listings Explained

Amazon listings play several roles and functions in your business. Firstly, they allow shoppers to find your product on the Amazon marketplace and in Amazon searches. Additionally, product listings entice and convince shoppers to make their purchase decision and help you grab a greater portion of the market (target consumers).

Create a perfect Amazon product listing by following these steps:

  1. Write Engaging and Descriptive Listing Title

The title of the product listing on Amazon is the main and probably first thing a customer notices. The title should contain the brand name along with any relevant information that would help customers quickly identify the product’s features. 

Write Engaging and Descriptive Listing Title

In short, the title of the product should be as informative as it can be. It is also important to include product-related keywords in the title to improve your listing ranking and improve its visibility in Amazon searches. The title can range between 50 to 250 words for the majority of product listings and categories.

  1. Add Bullets in Description

Bullets in your product listings can prove to be an effective addition to your product listings. They help sellers to highlight the main features of their product and the benefits customers will receive from it. Creating bullet points is a great and effective strategy for enticing and persuading customer to make their purchase decision. It is recommended to use at least 5 bullets to provide sufficient information. Keep in mind that the word limit is 250 words (1000 characters).

Add Bullets in Description

  1. Include High Quality Product Images

For each Amazon listing, you can add up to 9 photos. The first image is referred to as the main product image and is considered to be the most crucial being the first image the shopper sees on your listings. 

Include High Quality Product Images

Images are very important for your Amazon listings. This helps shoppers get an idea about the product and helps them make informed decisions. 

  1. Write Detailed Product Descriptions by Keeping in View the User’s Pain Points

Amazon product descriptions are an expanded form of bullet points. They highlight what the product is, its features and functions, and other such information. It is important for sellers to effectively incorporate SEO-friendly keywords and be as specific as possible. Keywords placement while writing product descriptions can prove beneficial in increasing customer engagement and will ultimately lead to higher visibility.

Write Detailed Product Descriptions by Keeping in View the User’s Pain Points

As per the official Amazon customer support, the product descriptions can be a maximum of up to 2,000 characters which almost equals 300 words. Sellers must utilize the product description section wisely to grab customers’ attention and entice them to buy their products.

  1. Utilize Backend Keywords Intelligently

While creating Amazon listings, sellers must make sure they effectively utilize backend keywords. These are not visible on the listing rather they are backend or hidden keywords that need to be incorporated in the backend section of your Seller Account on Amazon.

Utilize Backend Keywords Intelligently

A backend search term covers two main aspects: how your Amazon listing is found in customer searches and how easily it can be read. You need to research and incorporate top keywords in the backend.

  1. Manage Your Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the major factors for promoting your product listings on Amazon. There is no doubt that customers most certainly want to read clear, concise, honest, and engaging testimonials for your product items. This tells your potential customers about the product, its features and design, and its quality.

Manage Your Product Reviews

This increases the chances of shoppers making a purchase i.e., a higher shopper conversion rate. A positive product review helps you convince your customers to purchase your products. Thus, writing product reviews is important for your product listings since positive product reviews help customers make informed decisions.

Product Listings On Seller Central Account

Sellers can create product listings on Amazon from their Seller Central homepage or dashboard. Navigate to the inventory tab and select “Add a Product” from the dropdown menu.

Product Listings On Seller Central Account

Next, you will be on the product creation page. From there, you can either create your own or select an existing product. Select “Create a new listing” and choose the product category and subcategory as per the product.

Create a new listing

You will now be required to fill in the listing information for your product. This is where you will set the price, upload images, and other information such as your variations, product descriptions, and backend keywords.

set the price, upload images, and other information such as your variations, product descriptions, and backend keywords

Under “Vital Info”, you will have to fill in information such as:

  • Title – This includes brand name, product title, and keywords
  • Manufacturer – Fill this with your Amazon FBA business name in case of private label products. Otherwise, provide the name of the manufacturer. 
  • Product ID – This includes your UPC number. UPC is a unique barcode that identifies the products.
  • Brand – Fill in your Amazon FBA brand name

Under the “offer” tab, fill in the following:

  • Price – Set the price you want for your product
  • Condition – Select the condition of the product
  • Fulfilment Channel – Amazon gives two fulfillment options, Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM).

Vital Info and offer

5 Easy Steps to Create Amazon Listings – Summarizing

  1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central homepage or Dashboard. Navigate to the inventory tab and select “Add a Product” from the dropdown menu.
  2. From the product creation page, you have the option to choose between creating your own or selecting an existing product. Now select “Create new Listing”.
  3. Choose categories and subcategories that best suit your product.
  4. Fill out the listing information. Here you fill out the price, product descriptions, variations, keywords, and product descriptions.
  5. Update “offer” and “vital” information.

The process of creating an Amazon product listing is crucial for your business. Sellers may not be skilled enough to do this properly. A better strategy would be to hire an Amazon listing service since they have the necessary skills and provide tailored solutions to help you scale your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make an Amazon listing?

The individual plan costs around $0.99 while the professional plan costs $39.99 monthly.

How to create an active Amazon listing?

i. Navigate to the “Manage Inventory” page
ii. Click “edit” on the right of your listing
iii. Update your listing by adding punctuation
iv. Click “Save”

What percentage do Amazon charges from sellers?

Individual sellers pay $0.99 per month for each item sold as well as closing fees as high as $1.35. The fee from professional sellers varies between 6% to 25% of referral and closing fees.

How much does an average seller make on Amazon?

The majority of sellers on Amazon make up to $1,000 per month on Amazon.

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