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5 Practical Ways for Sellers to Boost Amazon Sales

5 Ways to Boost Amazon Sales with Least Effort

Imagine you are excited about setting up an eCommerce store and have picked up some of the trending products with high market demand. You have thought about the logo, the website design, and every minute detail. However, there is a pretty huge chunk that you might have overlooked i.e., how to generate sales.

Generating sales on Amazon is not as easy as it seems. As a new seller, you must face enormous competition to make your mark in the industry and build trust and an image for your brand. Without the proper knowledge, planning, and effective tactics, you would not the get results (revenues) that you would have aimed to generate.

Scaling your business and boosting your revenue on Amazon is not as difficult as it seems. You do not have to burn the midnight oil or crush yourself very hard. Often the trick is to pay attention to several small techniques with other strategies that will help scale your business and fulfill your goals.

Here are some strategies and tactics that will help you boost your Amazon sales with the least amount of effort.

  1. Compiling an Email List

No doubt, creating an email list is a daunting task but there are several ways that Amazon sellers can use to build emailing list for their Amazon store. Compiling an emailing list allows sellers to create a database of their loyal customers. It forms a family where every customer is connected to the central hub i.e., the brand. 

When creating email lists, you are not merely creating a database but also checking off several critical tasks relating to business-building. This includes:

  • You are retargeting people who are already interested in your brand and may also purchase your products.
  • You are getting consent to send promotions without the need to pay for social media ads.
  • You are creating an opportunity to build your brand’s community.

Emails work so well with your customers because the customers opt-in to learn more about your brand instead of being targeted by those paid promotions. Additionally, you have more control and autonomy over your email list meaning that you can control who can get the emails.


Popups work best for online stores. This is a great way to ensure that you are not very intrusive and still able to trigger a customer to spend some time on your page. This helps you to reach out to customers and not repel them instead. 

Opt-in Checkbox 

One of the effective strategies for building email lists is to add opt-in for customers to interact with, especially during the checkout process. These are less intrusive than popups and are more effective in identifying potential and interested buyers. Adding discounts along with opt-ins is a great way to attract potential customers.

CTA buttons may appear to be only a minor detail, but they are very powerful if used properly. Small changes such as “Get Started” instead of “Sign Up” can attract customers’ attention.

  1. Targeted Pricing

Amazon is a very dynamic market where the prices of products are changing very often. This means that Amazon uses dynamic pricing models setting prices that are specialized and targeted to attract maximum buyers. 

Setting the correct prices can attract maximum shoppers to your listing. For this, you need to constantly monitor the market and change the prices of your product listings accordingly. One smart move is to hire Amazon virtual assistant who can do this job for you. They will not only conduct competitor analysis and research the market but will also keep a close eye on changing shopper buying patterns. This will allow them to forecast the change in prices and help you set the right price that will generate more leads and improve your sales.

Targeted pricing can also be done using IP Geolocation. This data allows sellers to learn about the region of their shoppers. Sellers can then set targeted prices for their product listings for specific regions to boost their sales and maximize shopper conversion.

  1. Omnichannel Presence

Being in the eCommerce sector, sellers need to maintain omnichannel visibility and have their footprints spread all across social media platforms. This will help them generate leads and drive traffic for their online stores. 

Sellers need to understand the platform they are using, its weaknesses, strengths, and the specific audience (consumer segment) it targets. 

Hiring the expert Amazon virtual assistants can help Amazon sellers to maintain and update their listings, effectively utilize the insights, and maintain an effective omnichannel presence.

  1. Benefit from Scarcity 

The scarcity of products is the right time for sellers. It is the time when shoppers realize the true worth of a product and understand the perceived value to make a purchase instantly. Even if you do not want to become a giant in the eCommerce sector, you must have an urgency to boost your sales if you want to survive in the competition.

Another way to utilize scarcity and tap into the minds of sellers can be by showing traffic on a particular listing and the stock available. Research has shown that when customers see increased traffic or vanishing stock, they are highly likely to make a purchase.

  1. Establish Customer Trust

Being an Amazon seller, you should ask what makes your brand stand out from the rest or what is the key selling feature for your products. Another important question is why customers should trust you. 

Sellers with a renowned brand name tend to have a higher level of trust and loyalty from the sellers. People trust the seller and believe that the products being sold would be of higher value and quality. Thus, such sellers tend to have a higher share of the customer market and generate high sales.


Amazon is one of the biggest giants in the eCommerce sector with a high number of sellers and buyers all across the globe. To survive the competition, sellers need to adopt several tactics and strategies to boost their sales revenue. Having a higher sales velocity, shopper conversion ratio, and good quality products not only helps scale the business but also helps improve the ranking of your product listings. Few Important strategies to boost sales include compiling an email lists, targeted pricing, omnichannel presence, benefiting from scarcity, and customer trust. Effective utilization of these tactics and strategies will help Amazon sellers boost their sales revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can eCommerce sellers boost revenue?

Sellers can maximize their profit with email lists, targeted pricing, omnichannel presence, scarcity, and customer trust.

What factors boost eCommerce sales?

Competitive pricing, reviews, client recommendations, product quality, etc., are some of the factors that boost eCommerce sales.

What are the benefits of eCommerce?

Benefits of eCommerce include:
• Faster process
• Cost reduction
• Flexibility
• Extended reach
• Price & Product Comparison

How to improve traffic on your Amazon Store?

• Optimize product listings for better visibility and improved ranking
• Paid searches
• Ensure multi-channel presence
• Email marketing
• Competitive Pricing

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