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How to Make $5000 a Month on eBay?

Secrets to Make $5000 a Month on eBay

Whenever it comes to making thousands of dollars a month on eBay, everyone gets perplexed to give a final verdict. But the mystery is resolved now. We are going to share the finest tips through which you can make more than $1000 up to $5000 (no max. limitation) a month on eBay. You have to work hard to earn money in e-commerce stores, and you earn well in return. 

Your income is not fixed on eBay instead it depends on how much you want to earn. Don’t invest all your money at once rather it is better to invest as your earnings start to increase and then add more products to your listing.

But this answer is still vague to most of the newbies. eBay is currently in 3rd position after Amazon and Walmart with over 113 million visits per month. Every seller on eBay wants to earn more than the last earning. They need to set a benchmark for monthly earnings and try hard to cross it. But how they can hit that is a million-dollar question that we are going to discuss here. There are some important steps to do to make your desired income on eBay.

  1. Choose the Top Selling Items on eBay

Many sellers try to work hard to boost their sales but a more important thing to consider is the selection of good stuff. You can earn better with your micro-business selling other stuff that you usually source locally.

Edison trends tell us about the top-selling products on eBay.

making money on ebay

Many sellers buy local products that are available on sale at a retail discount store and sell for full price in other marketplaces. You can even sell things in garage or thrift stores. Discounted branded stuff is another good option. You can do eBay product research in following steps:

  1. Sign up for eBay
  2. Look for the product you want to sell
  3. Search that product on Google and e-commerce sites
  4. Set the price
  5. Start marketing the product on eBay listing
  6. List the first item on eBay
  7. Complete the first sale
  1. Add HD Images

After selecting the products you are going to sell, you need to focus on exhibiting high-definition images. You can add many images from all angles to let your visitor view every aspect of the item. Just remember that your first impression is very crucial and most important to turn your visitor into a client.

Whenever you are about to upload your product images, remember these things:


Images are the first thing any viewer sees on your profile. So, it is important to use good quality images that show the tinier details of the product. Use a white background and good lighting to capture images.


You can upload 12 photos for free on eBay which is a good number to show your product. You can also use third-party tools if you want to add more. The benefit of using the third-party app is that you don’t have to pay extra to manage to list and upload extra images.

Tip: Use Flickr or Garage Sale to upload images.

  1. Detailed Product Description

Many sellers think to give a brief description but it is not enough. Think of yourself as a buyer who wants to buy shoes under $500. You would want to know about the details of the product you’re about to spend your money on so that you may get satisfied with your purchase. Likewise, any shopper may want to learn more about the product, and giving all details is a plus point in this.

It is recommended to fulfill all the fields eBay asks you for before publishing your product. Don’t skip any of it as it may not be worthwhile for you but definitely for your buyers. Think about your buyers first.

If you are selling a branded product then you must add the brand name in the description. The buyer will get your product listing if your product description has the desired keyword in it. Always consider these things while writing a description:


Your product description must have all the information regardless if you don’t find it useful. As far as it depicts any element, it must be added to the description. As buyers want to know all.

Search Engine

It is quite important for your product to not only be visible but to be on the top. Henceforth, all the targeted keywords should be there in the description and title.

making money on ebay

  1. Carefully Schedule Your Listing

Scheduling is important to reach your targeted sales on time. A professional eBay virtual assistant should schedule a 10-day listing starting from Thursday as it will have 2 days of the weekend. Weekends have the highest traffic than other days and it is a good time for sales. You have 2 options to schedule your listing based on your target.

Shorter Duration:

This is a duration of 3 to 5 days that shows urgency. You will see a lot of businesses with sales “only X days left”.

Longer Duration:

Your product will be listed for a longer duration and buyers will have more chances to bid on it.

making money on ebay

  1. Avoid Reserve Prices

Reserve price is the minimum price a seller can set on the product. The seller won’t have to sell the product if the auction ends without any bids at that price or higher. You are advised to not use reserve pricing but rather start your pricing with as low as $0.99. This may seem odd but this little will surely add up to make a lot without costing you money and get you in the tough competition.


Earning on eBay requires effort and time but once you hold a strong grip on your selling, you soon will enjoy higher returns. Always remember that:

There’s a limit on how much you can save but no limit on how much you can earn.

Selling on eBay is not difficult if you follow the guidelines and thoroughly plan every step. Choosing the right product, with clear and engaging images, and concise product descriptions focusing on the product’s features and key selling points, along with certain other strategies will help your business grow and help you drive higher sales revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do eBay sellers make per month?

The average monthly earnings equal $3,097 while the top earners make $4,000 and higher per month.

Can I make a living off eBay?

Average eBay sellers make up to $35,000 per annum while some earn more than $70,000. It highly depends on your ability to sell as much inventory as you can. So to answer the question, yes you can make a living off eBay if you have the skill and strategy to drive higher sales revenues.

What are the best items to flip on eBay?

Some best items to flip on eBay include antiques, remote controls, electronics, furniture, lawn tools, etc.

Who is the highest-paid seller on eBay?

From the data of the top 100 eBay sellers, Worldofbooks08 is the highest-paid seller on eBay with a payout of $89,699.

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