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Reporting Amazon Listing Violations

Amazon’s fulfillment models, both Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM), have opened doors for third-party sellers to sell their products on the Amazon marketplace. With millions of products and thousands of sellers, Amazon has become one of the giants in the eCommerce industry.

Amazon strongly focuses on the quality of products provided to its customers and has established strict guidelines and protocols to be followed by vendors. This not only creates an added value for the customers but also ensures that the products they receive are in good working conditions.

As part of its concern for quality, Amazon has provided the option of flagging and filtering fraudulent claims, sellers, products, and Amazon listings. All the facets must work together seamlessly when reporting a seller violation. With the combined effort of both buyers and sellers, controlling the content on the website becomes simpler.

In addition to undermining the integrity of Amazon Seller Rules, receiving a product with flaws reduces the sales rank of the entire product line. Reporting misleading content, vendors, or products proves really helpful in minimizing the presence of fraudulent information.

Buyers have a direct method of reporting misleading listings or flawed products. However, Amazon does not provide sellers with a direct way to report buyers. The seller can only leave a review on the seller’s feedback or the product page.

Can Amazon Sellers Report a Violation?

Amazon sellers have the right to raise their concerns (if any) regarding certain services. There have been incidences where sellers on Amazon have accepted fake orders or placed their products to artificially increase their sales ranking.

Artificially increasing sale ranking through means such as fake or unsolicited orders, or placing your products, and then boasting the best-seller tag is a fraudulent act. Sellers can inhibit such malpractices and should compensate buyers for the damages.

Amazon has provided a complete guide for Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions that lists guidelines that sellers need to follow to maintain a fair and legitimate business and fair listings.

6 Steps to Report Sellers on Amazon’s Website

Sellers, when found in violation of the guidelines set by Amazon, or in case of fraud can be reported by the following steps:

Step 1

On the top-left of Amazon’s website, you will find the three stacked lines. Click on them for the menu.

Amazon’s website

Step 2

Navigate to the “Help & Settings” drop-down menu and click on Customer Service.

Help & Settings, Customer Service

Step 3

A new window would have opened by now. Under “Browse Help Topics” click on the “Customer Service” button and then select the “Contact Us” option.

Browse Help Topics, Customer ServiceStep 4

Fill in your login credentials and press “Login”.

Note: If this screen does not appear, skip to step 5.


Step 5

You will get a notification on your registered mobile number. Confirm it to approve the login.

notification on your registered mobile number

Step 6

Once approved, a new window will open. You will be asked to place your query either via call or chat. It is best to state the complete nature of the violation along with the related ASINs and details such as the name of the business.

ASINs and details

Reporting Fraudulent Sellers/Listing Using Amazon App

If you notice these kind of hijacked or copied listings, they can be reported using the Amazon App as follows:

  1. Open the Amazon app. On the top left corner, tap on the three stacked lines.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select “Customer Service”
  3. Navigate to “Need More Help?” and tap on “Contact Us”.
  4. Now, state your complaint in detail via text or call.

Customer Service

complaint in detail via text or call

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report any problem with Amazon listings?

• Navigate “Report Abuse”
• Choose the violation type
• Provide related ISBN or ASIN wherever applicable
• Be sure to add all the necessary information. Describe the issue properly and also mention the name of the business.
• Click “Submit”.

Can I complain about an item to Amazon?

Amazon provides an A-to-Z guarantee if there is any problem with the item(s) you purchased. This means you can complain to Amazon regarding any item.

What is a listing violation on Amazon?

A listing violation pertains to interference or tampering with a listing’s attributes by a seller to fraudulently make it lucrative for buyers.

Can Amazon ban you for returns?

If the frequency of returns is 5-10 times per month without any legitimate reason, Amazon may issue a warning. If you continue doing so, Amazon reserves the right to suspend your account or even ban you permanently.

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