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6 Steps Guide to Sell on Walmart & Be a Successful Seller

Ever wondered about selling your products to millions of online buyers? If yes, then the Walmart marketplace is the right place. It is one of the largest platforms in the eCommerce sector, you can list all your products to your seller account and offer them to millions of customers across the globe.

This blog will give you insights about how to become a successful seller on Walmart so you can expand your customer base and maximize your sales revenue.

What is Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart has a multi-vendor marketplace setup that allows third-party sellers to directly sell to Walmart customers across the globe. Sellers are required to meet certain requirements, including timely deliveries and good customer service. The Walmart marketplace is an excellent way for businesses of all sizes to reach Walmart’s global consumer base.

How Walmart Works?

When a seller lists an item on their Walmart seller account, including all the product information such as the price, description, product photos, etc., he can start selling them right away. 

The Walmart marketplace is an excellent opportunity for sellers, both large and small, to reach a wider audience on the global level.  To sell on Walmart, you first need to create a seller ID and register your business.

Walmart Supplier vs. Walmart Marketplace Seller

To be a successful seller, you need to be aware of difference between Walmart supplier and Marketplace seller. Selling on the Walmart marketplace is a great way to expand your business and build a wider customer base. The sellers on the Walmart marketplace ship products directly to customers, however, the Walmart sellers have to ship them to fulfillment centers built by Walmart. Also, Walmart sellers have to comply with quality standards set by Walmart such as good quality customer service and in-time order delivery.

The Procs & Cons of Selling on Walmart


  • Increased reach and visibility
  • No startup or monthly fees
  • Instant notifications and updates


  • Higher commission
  • Shoppers may be skeptical of purchasing from third-party sellers.

6 Steps Practical Approach to Selling on Walmart

Steps Practical Approach to Selling on Walmart

  1. Apply for Walmart Seller Central Account

In order to sell on the Walmart marketplace, you will be required to create a seller account and also register your business. The application process takes almost around 15 minutes and you are required to provide:

  • Your business tax ID
  • W8 or W9 along with EIN verification
  • Address of physical operations
  • Primary product categories
  • US corporate address

It is not necessary that Walmart approves every seller who applies. If you have a prior background of successfully working in the eCommerce sector, there is a high probability that your application will be accepted. However, Walmart reserves the right to decline any marketplace items such as prohibited or hazardous items.

  1. Add Product Listings

Once you get your application approved, you now have to complete the onboarding and set up the partner profile and items. This entails uploading photos, videos, and product descriptions, and setting competitive pricing.

You will need to repeat the process for every item in your product catalog. You can also opt for the bulk upload as this would ease up the process. Remember to keep all your data stored in an Excel spreadsheet so that you can use it for bulk upload.

  1. Optimize Listings

You will be required to boost your Walmart listings using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to increase your visibility in relevant searches. Try to aim for a higher listing quality so that you have a higher reach and search ranking. 

Identifying and using relevant keywords is a key trick. You also need to pay close attention to the product category. Including photos is another plus that helps improve shopper conversion and boosts your sales revenue.

Also, you can run sponsored ads to help increase visibility across different platforms regardless of the search ranking.

Better visibility increases your chances of shopper conversion and a higher sales volume. These ads are shown at the top of Walmart listings and are charged on CPC or cost-per-click basis.

  1. Fulfill Your Orders

Walmart sellers have two shipping options that they can use to ship their products to their customers. The first method is to use Walmart’s distribution centers and the second method is to ship the product directly to customers. Shippers can see all the necessary shipping information whenever a customer places an online order from your store.

The choice of the shipping method is at the discretion of the sellers. If you wish to work with ShipBob or other fulfillment solution providers, it is up to you. You just need to set up everything for them to take care of your Walmart product orders alongside their other sales channel with automation. This is the ideal method and is way better than shipping items yourself.

If you want Walmart to handle your fulfillment, you can easily apply and join Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). There is an additional fee that sellers have to pay for this service.

  1. Focus on Customer Service

Unless you have opted for Walmart Fulfillment Services, you would need to focus on providing quality customer service to your customers. Do it effectively to prevent a detrimental effect on your seller ratings. Try to reach a resolution that benefits the consumer regardless of the reason for the returns, especially if there has been damage to the products.

  1. Integrations

Walmart integrates with many eCommerce platforms and fulfillment companies to make it simpler to manage item inventory and orders. The list includes:

  • eBay
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Deliverr
  • Adobe Commerce
  • ShipMonk
  • PrestaShop
  1. Getting Paid

The frequency of your payments is subject to Seller account approval. While payments are generally completed every 14 days, some merchants have a 7-day payment schedule. You will have an additional 14-day waiting period throughout the first 90 days of your role as a seller under your retailer agreement. If Walmart reviews your account, your payments will not be released until the review is over.

Why Choose XpertVA?

Our virtual assistants are experts in Walmart account management and will regularly monitor the effectiveness of your product listings, keep you informed of the situation on a regular basis, look for keyword opportunities, and improve product headlines, prices, and Walmart SEO page descriptions. We will help assist the smooth running of your business operations and allow you to maximize your shopper conversion and sales velocity.


Whether you are a new seller or a registered one, creating and managing your Seller Central Walmart account can sometimes become very difficult. Also, given the increased number of sellers and the rising competition, it can be very difficult for sellers to sell their products and generate sales. We can help sellers in the process by helping them gain a competitive advantage and maximize their sales.

Is Walmart seller profitable?

Yes, the majority of Walmart sellers are profitable. 73% of Walmart sellers have a profit margin exceeding 20% and more than half of SME sellers generate more than $100,000 in revenues annually.

Is it easy to sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Contrary to many other e-commerce websites, Walmart Marketplace does require permission to sell, even though the application process is simple. If you have everything ready, filling out the form should only take a few minutes.

How much does a Seller make at Walmart in the United States?

The average Walmart Seller salary in the US is roughly $138,995, which is 151% more than the national average.

How much does a Walmart store sell in a day?

The average U.S. Walmart store makes approximately $1.1 billion per year. That’s $3 million in sales every single day.

Feel free to consult XpertVA’s professionals for effective Walmart account creation and management services to improve your listing ranking, enabling you to improve product visibility, successfully sell on Walmart and grow your business. Book a consultation with our skilled professionals and grow your business.

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