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Updated Walmart’s Listing Image Requirement

The Walmart marketplace has recently emerged as one of the biggest retail chains operating across several countries of the world. Walmart surpassed eBay in the first quarter of 2020 and has now become the second-largest retail chain in the United States after Amazon. 

The platform is still maturing, along with known limitations, but there is great potential and growth ahead. 

If you wish to test out the platform, you need to update your images to the standard. This will help you to showcase your store and your products. It will add authenticity and reliability and improve the reputation of both the product listings and the store overall.

Technical Requirements for Walmart Product Images

Images are crucial for any eCommerce business and Walmart falls in the same category. The following are the guidelines that Walmart has set out regarding the listing images.

  • Quantity of Images – As per Walmart guidelines, a total of 4 images should be added to each listing.
  • Minimum Image Size – The standard image size is 1000×1000, 1500×2000 for listings related to fashion category, and 100×100 for swatch images for better zoom capability.
  • Recommended Size – The recommended size for Walmart images is 2000×2000 or higher resolution.
  • Aspect Ratio – The recommended aspect ratio is 1:1 (square) for the majority of the categories. However, for the fashion category, the aspect ratio is 3:4.
  • Zoom Capability – The minimum image resolution should be at least 1000 pixels in either height or width so that customer can zoom in the pictures and get a better view of the product that they wish to purchase.
  • Maximum file size – As per Walmart guidelines, the maximum file size is limited to 5 MB.
  • Acceptable formatsSellers can upload images in PNG (.png), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), or BMP formats. If you have previously added the images with inappropriate format, you can also choose to delete the existing product listings.

Walmart Main Image Guidelines

Walmart Main Image Guidelines

  • Silo image shot on a white background is recommended for almost all categories (RGB 255, 255, 255)
  • The image must be focused, professionally lit and photographed.
  • It must show a frontal view of the product.
  • Products should be right in the center of the frame.
  • Images should have a descriptive brand name such as “brand-picture-frame” etc.
  • Crop the image with a 5% buffer right from the end of the product to the nearest horizontal or vertical border (this depends on whether the image is wide or tall).
  • White space around the product should not exceed 50%.
  • For listings in the fashion industry, Walmart only allows one model per image.
  • The models should pose simply (little to no movement at all) with their body and face facing the camera, no nail polish, makeup, etc. Images should not show products in packaging except items such as hosiery, undershirts, and underwear.
  • Avoid using illustrations, additional graphics, watermarks, text, or overlays.
  • Sellers should not use placeholder images such as “no image available” or “image coming soon”.
  • Images should not include accessories that would not be shipped with the item.
  • Images should not contain any obscene or offensive content or violate any Walmart policy.

Alternate Image (AV Image) Guidelines

Alternate Image (AV Image) Guidelines

  • Walmart allows backgrounds, props, and models if they are relevant to the end use of the product.
  • Informational graphics such as product images with the dimensions are allowed for AV images.
  • These images should present the product from different angles or in use.
  • Mannequins, for fashion industry images, are only allowed only for scale shots on watches, jewelry, and some accessories.
  • Other exclusions are the same as that of the main image.

Variant (Swatch) Image Guidelines

Variant (Swatch) Image Guidelines

  • Images should present different types (colors, patterns, etc.) of the main image of the product.
  • For every group variant, Walmart listings must contain 100×100 swatch images.
  • Images must be added as color tiles. 

Why Choose XpertVA?

No doubt, Walmart has excellent service and has become one of the biggest eCommerce retail chains in the world. You can also set a new course for your business and yourself by becoming a successful seller on Walmart through proper and effective listing optimization. 

XpertVA’s Walmart product listing optimization,  SEO services, enhanced content & adding video to your listing, and listing error correction will help promote your listing ranking and also boost your sales conversions. Our Walmart virtual assistants are up-to-date with the changing policies and guidelines by Walmart and will keep you updated as well helping you boost your business


Walmart has set out image guidelines to help sellers understand the nature of images that they can upload to their listings. Keeping up-to-date with the Walmart image, enhanced content, adding video to your listings, and other guidelines is very crucial as it will help you perform your business smoothly and also comply with the changing guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase my Walmart quality listing?

Be sure to comply with Walmart listing requirements
Optimize your Walmart listings to improve their ranking and visibility
Improve customer experience and create value for them
Set competitive pricing

How do I list a product on Walmart without UPC?

In order to request a UPC exemption, you first need to create a case in the Walmart Seller center by selecting Items > Item Setup > UPC Exemption Request.

Can I use Walmart product images?

Yes, you can use product images in your product listing, however, be sure to adhere to the Walmart listing image requirements and comply with Walmart Trust and Safety standards.

Does Walmart have third-party sellers?

Yes, Walmart, like Amazon, etc., allows third-party sellers along with its own listings.

Feel free to contact XpertVA for  professional Walmart account management services, successful Walmart application, effective Walmart account creation, and management services to improve your listing ranking, enabling you to improve product visibility and the overall quality of your listing to maximize sales. Book a consultation with our skilled professionals and grow your business.

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