Create A+ Brand Story on Amazon – Express Your Brand Story

Create A+ Brand Story on Amazon

Create A+ Brand Story on Amazon – Express Your Brand Story

Should you Use the Amazon Brand Story?

You’ve gone round on your website and social media building a brand. Research shows that consistent branding across platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. With brand-relevant Content that informs and delights, you’ll boost conversions on Amazon – so do you have to have a Brand Story?

The answer, because it is with many things on Amazon, is: it depends. Amazon Brand Story feature enables you to differentiate yourself from the competition while reinforcing your branding and helping to drive sales. Still, it also pushes your A+ Content further down the page.


To determine whether you ought to cash in of the Brand Story feature, consider the following benefits. A Brand Story can help you:


Humanize your brand

You want to relate to your customers as people. The Brand Story section is great for telling your company’s story, talking about the people behind the products, and being transparent about what you offer. It’s incredibly helpful for smaller brands who might not have well-known, recognizable branding, but who want to attach on a more person-to-person level.


A stat to know: Customers who form a personal reference to a brand have quite a 3x higher lifetime value.


Show your brand’s values.

In addition to discussing company history, the Amazon Brand Story section gives you space to spotlight your company’s purpose, mission and values. Detail why you are doing what you do!


A stat to know: consistent with Deloitte research, 80% of consumers would pay more for products if the corporate committed themselves to be socially responsible, environmentally responsible, or paying higher wages.


Highlight what sets you apart

In the Brand Story section, you’ll be asked about how you bought your start, what makes your products unique, and why you’re keen on what you are doing. It’s an excellent opportunity for businesses to point out their competitive advantages and highlight their unique value proposition. Smaller firms especially can boast that “homegrown” feel and the way they’re solving customer pain points.


A stat to know: 76% of consumers expect businesses to understand their needs. Prove why you meet their needs better than the others.


Increase brand awareness

Shoppers on Amazon might not take the time to research the corporate behind the merchandise. With Brand Story content, you set your company on display for the customer. It increases the likelihood of them remembering your brand.


A stat to know: For consumers to recollect your brand, it takes 5 to 7 impressions. Don’t miss the chance here.


There are, of course, a couple of cons. The Brand Story feature currently offers next to no customization in formatting – you’ll only use two images (one being your logo). Therefore the questions you want to answer can’t be changed. There also are strict character limits to stay this section brief, so you’ll need to be concise.


For brands who are wont to have complete creative control, this might prove a challenge; for emerging brands, these restrictions are often helpful to choose what message to inform.


Brand Story allows for a better content organization on Amazon.

You’ve probably heard that you only have seven seconds to form a primary impression. On Amazon, you’ve got to stay this in mind when creating A+ Content. While you don’t want to go away out crucial company information, you furthermore may don’t want to stuff the space with everything imaginable about your business.


The addition of the Brand Story feature allows you to stay the A+ Content focused on the merchandise, and keep the knowledge about your company’s humble beginnings within the Brand Story Section.


Requirements for creating an Amazon Brand Story

Brand Story on Amazon is out there only to sellers who have Amazon Brand Registry. To qualify for Amazon Brand Registry, you want to have a lively registered trademark. Our guide here can explain that process for you intimately.


Note: albeit you don’t plan on fully utilizing the Brand Story feature, it is sensible to try to Brand Registry. Not only does it offer brand protection, but you get access to an entire suite of tools, including A/B testing and Amazon A+ Content.


Understand, Amazon is consistently introducing new tools and features, and it’s not always clear to sellers how they will best cash in of what’s available. To urge the foremost out of brand name Story, also as other newly released features, we advise partnering with an Amazon agency who’s skilled at navigating the ever-changing Amazon marketplace.


At Amity, we provide partner brands with a full-service solution for selling on Amazon. We will assist you to boost brand value through services like A+ Content and Brand Story creation, also as help you get before the sport when new features are released.


Best Practices for Creating Brand Story Content

You only get to supply two images and answer three questions. Be precise together with your words and confirm your visuals amaze shoppers.


  • Be authentic and tell your story
  • Avoid flowery language and don’t be wordy
  • Explain your mission and the way your products help people.
  • Show what’s unique about your company and products
  • Focus on educating the consumer about your brand and products
  • Only use the very best quality images
  • Show the people behind the corporate for the larger image or use your website’s hero image
  • Use your logo for the smaller picture, alongside the corporate slogan

Making the foremost of the Amazon Brand Story Feature

For brands with the choice, the Brand Story feature may have an area in your Amazon toolset. It can assist you in building your brand’s reputation, forming long-lasting relationships with customers, and ultimately stand out from the competition.


Since Amazon Brand Story may be a new feature and rules and best practices will evolve, it helps to possess experts on your side. This way, you’ll maximize the potential of Amazon Brand Story and boost sales and profitability.

Create A+ Brand Story on Amazon, Brand Stories appear below the listing bullet points and above the merchandise description and A+ Content on the merchandise detail page.

To create a Brand Story, follow this process:


  1. Log into Amazon Seller Central. Attend ‘A+ Content Manager’ under the Advertising tab.


  1. Select ‘Start creating A+ content’ on the proper side

  1. If you’ve got the choice to make a Brand Story, you’ll be presented with two options here. Click ‘Create a Brand Story’.

    1. Next, you’ll reach the Brand Story screen. Here, you’ll answer the subsequent questions on your brand:


    How did we get our start?

    • What makes our products unique?
    • Why can we love what we do?
    • Where you’ll get to the guts of your brand’s history and purpose.


    You’ll even be asked to supply two images, alongside a slogan text for one among the pictures. See the wants below.


5 . After you click to feature the image, you’ll be asked to supply two ideas for that slot, one for mobile and one for desktop. For the larger image to the left, there are the following image requirements:


For the smaller image to the proper, there are the following image requirements.

So, the brand story displays two images, but you’ll provide four images since sizing for mobile and desktop differ. Confirm photos match size requirements and are of top quality.


Also, you’ll provide keywords with the image, which could help improve search visibility and aid inaccessibility.

 Then, click to feature ASINs. On the subsequent screen, you’ll add your Amazon Brand Story to multiple listings directly via bulk upload. Copy and paste all the ASINs into the box. then, click ‘Next: Review and Submit.’


In the end, we’re able to be a partner for you and assist you to win on Amazon. If you’d like help building your brand on Amazon, be happy to contact us.



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