Growth Hacks for E-Commerce Stores in 2020 (100% Guaranteed)

The Q4 is in the last week and Q1 is already started to sowing its entrance. Every online seller and e-commerce guru is trying hard to rock in 2020. In this regard, people are coming with many growth hacks for e-commerce stores in 2020 that will accelerate their sales.

But the majority of the ideas are bogus or just for the fame to land on their websites.

Conversely, XpertVA is going to unleash the 100% guaranteed growth hacks for e-commerce stores. You can also apply them if you run an e-commerce website. In either case, you will see a remarkable shift towards the increased sale and ranking.

Growth Hacks for E-Commerce Store

If you’re trying hard to increase your sales or get a higher rank in the e-commerce searches but not gaining any fruitful results at all then you must be doing something wrong. Here are some growth hacks for your e-commerce store that will eventually boost your sales and increase conversion rate – if applied properly.

  1. Enhance Customer Loyalty

First things first, loyalty is the topmost thing you should be focusing on while dealing with your customers. In this plastic world, many online sellers mere focus on royalty but in-situ, loyalty is what guarantees your success.

There are many ways to gain customers’ trust. There could be an intrusive pop-up at the home screen saying “Hello! I’m live. Let’s start chit-chat on your queries.” or something more catchy than this.

One of the sales strategies is to gain customers’ trust through your caring impression. Showing your deep concern into your customers’ needs and coming up with a viable solution is a win-win situation.Growth Hacks for E-Commerce Stores

  1. FOMO Is Good

FOMO (fear of missing out) is actually helpful to gain more customers at the eleventh hour. You can start countdown campaigns to let your customers know the deadline for your special offer. Many online sellers said that they observed more buyers while running FOMO campaigns.

It creates a sense of urgency and shows that you have a thriving customer base. You can use pop-ups with content:

  • Hurry Up. There are only 2 days left.
  • Only 5 items left.
  • Items are running short. Hurry up and enjoy this offer.

And many many more.

Tip: Live sales notification will increase the social proof of your increased sales.

  1. Run Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is a trick to catch potential shoppers ready to buy things on hand. It is one of the amazing growth hacks for e-commerce stores that increases conversion rates. It not only increases conversion rate but decreases CPC and acquisition costs as well.

You can run retargeting ads for:

  • By recovering abandoned carts
  • Cross-selling product recommendations
  • Boost your customer relationship

Growth Hacks for E-Commerce Stores

While launching these campaigns you need to focus on the following things:

  • Make your message relevant
  • Segment your customers accordingly
  • Pay attention to all the elements of your ad
  • Test your ads regularly


  1. A/B Testing

A/B is actually the time and cost saver that increases your efficiency and helps you increase ROI through short-term conversions. It helps you avoid unnecessary risks which you usually neglect. You can do test your e-commerce store through the following method:

  • Take your existing email and create a duplicate with a slight change.
  • Split traffic on these both and mark variations.
  • Over time, check which variant causing a higher purchase rate.

You will notice that new marketing messages or offers will help you increase sales and drive more traffic. Deploy the changes if you see it as one of the growth hacks for your e-commerce store.

  1. Highlight Testimonials

E-commerce is the name of credibility and loyalty. You need to dig deep to find potential customers and gain their trust. Showing testimonials is a great way to prove your credibility and past experiences with a great return.

Whenever a new shopper lands on your page the most important thing for them is to read reviews. Reviews and testimonials say a lot about your services and brand.

Growth Hacks for E-Commerce Stores

Tip: The client’s image or video is considered more valid for the testimonial.


There is a great number of ways to increase your e-commerce sales in which the top 5 are mentioned above. Apart from this, you can hire a team of virtual assistants to work for you while you focus on other things.

Hire XpertVA that has a leading team of virtual assistants for e-commerce stores to run PPC campaigns and bolster the brand’s repute.


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