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At XpertVA, we pride ourselves on having top-level Shopify store creators. Our Shopify web designers do custom Shopify development.

XpertVA provides you with Shopify experts who you can hire to do business tasks that are too difficult or complicated for you to do in order to build a more successful business.

XpertVA will match you with one of our professional Shopify developers who is best suited to your needs. You can choose the service that you need to have done, and then give more details to assist the expert in understanding what you want. After your job is created, the job details are sent to one of our Shopify specialists. One of our Shopify migration experts customized to work for your particular kind of Shopify store can start working for you.

With one of XpertVA’s Shopify store developers, you can get your focus and your time back to what it matters be it spending time with family or taking a well-deserved vacation. When you hire one of XpertVA’s Shopify developers, you hire a professional who will provide you with professional results.

XpertVA’s Shopify design experts are just not employees. They are web designers, software developers, and consultants chosen for their extensive knowledge and successful track record. With XpertVA, you can let us handle your business on a budget. You can use the knowledge and experience of our Shopify experts for hire that you need for your online business without the cost and overheads of a full-time employee, so your Shopify store can stay on track towards maximizing profits.


    How do the Shopify store setup services at XpertVA benefit your business?

    Marketing and sales
    With the help of one of XpertVA’s Shopify setup experts, you can attract customers to your online store and increase sales through effective marketing strategies set in place by our Shopify store creators:

    • Hire Shopify eCommerce developers from XpertVA: Change possible leads and retake lost sales using automated email, targeted email techniques, and captivating content.
    • Hire Shopify SEO consultants at XpertVA: To increase your ranking on search engines like Bing and Google, so more and more people can find your website when looking for related products.
    • Hire search engine advertising experts from XpertVA: To promote your online store with paid ads that show on search engine results pages like Bing and Google.
    • Hire Shopify consultants with social media marketing expertise at XpertVA: To promote your online store on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by creating content that can be shared.
    • Hire Shopify design experts with content marketing expertise from XpertVA: To create interest in your store and products by producing and sharing appealing blogs, videos, and other audio-visual content.
    • Hire Shopify sales channel setup expertise at XprtVA: To use the Shopify Buy Button to market your online store in places like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
    • Hire certified Shopify experts from XpertVA: Hire experts with conversion optimization expertise to make sure that visitors become buyers by making it easier for them to buy using product suggestions, quick checkout, and customer loyalty discount programs.
    • Hire a professional Shopify developer at XpertVA: With analytics and tracking expertise to monitor the performance of your online store by configuring Google Analytics and getting the most advantage out of your Facebook ads by setting up your Facebook Pixel.

    How do the Shopify store setup services at XpertVA benefit your business?

    Store setup:

    Formulate an interesting shopping experience for your clients with a store that is attractively designed and is user-friendly.

    • Hire Shopify web designers at XpertVA with store building and/or redesigning expertise to have your Shopify store up and running, with choices ranging from primary theme development to entirely customized solutions for your online business or business plan.
    • Hire dedicated Shopify developers at XpertVA with product setup expertise to arrange your products with visuals and descriptions, or have customized options like gift cards and subscriptions.
    • Hire Shopify website experts at XpertVA with theme customization expertise to add customized forms and pages, or personalize the way your clients look for and pay for your products.
    • Hire Shopify specialists from XpertVA with custom visual expertise to make your store attract the attention of potential customers with customized banners, buttons, and visual effects.
    • Hire a Shopify web developer at XpertVA with store settings expertise: Get assistance with putting into place things like website access controls, customized store URLs, and payment and shipping options.
    • Hire Shopify store developers with XpertVA with POS setup and migration expertise to get assistance with selling in-person by using Shopify point of sale solutions.

    Development and troubleshooting:

    Add the features to your online store with an app or customized code, or solve any technical problems affecting your business.

    • Hire a certified Shopify expert with a custom app and integration expertise from XpertVA to add functionality and features to your online store that need a custom-built web application, connecting other systems, or customized code.
    • Hire a Shopify consultant with app installation expertise at XpertVA to install an existing Shopify app to add functionality to your online business.
    • Hire a Shopify store developer with custom theme expertise from XpertVA to create a custom theme to suit the unique needs of your online business.
    • Hire a Shopify website designer at XpertVA with custom domain setup expertise to replace your Myshopify domain with a custom domain (URL).
    • Hire a Shopify developer from XpertVA with custom eCommerce expertise to let your customers shop from a mobile app or game, or create a fully customized storefront with the Shopify Storefront toolkit.
    • Hire a Shopify store designer at XpertVA with troubleshooting expertise to resolve problems or customer service issues at your store.

    Visual content and branding:

    Improve your store’s visual effect through pictures, color, and other graphical elements that represent your product image.

    • Hire a Shopify specialist with brand strategy expertise from XpertVA to develop a well-known brand for your business by determining your brand character and positioning.
    • Hire a professional Shopify developer with logo and branding expertise at XpertVA to build visual assets that are a banner for the identity of your brand and to project your business even more.
    • Hire a certified Shopify expert with banner ad expertise from XpertVA to build attractive banners to promote your trademark and online store on other sites.
    • Hire a Shopify marketing expert with video and illustration expertise at XpertVA to come up with videos and visuals to use on your social media platforms and website.
    • Hire the Shopify store setup service with product photography expertise from XpertVA to promote your products with the best quality photos.
    • Hire the Shopify web development service with photo editing expertise at XpertVA to add text to or resize and add other effects to the product photos.
    • Hire the Shopify website design services with 3D modeling expertise from XpertVA to develop an appealing shopping experience with realistic 3D versions of your products.

    Content writing:

    Shopify store developers work to engage your customers with skilled written content that attracts customers to your online store and makes them thrilled about your products.

    • Hire custom Shopify development services with product description expertise at XpertVA to convince potential customers to purchase with appealing descriptions for product benefits and features.
    • Hire Shopify store development services with website and marketing content expertise from XpertVA to narrate your brand story in a way that appeals to your target customers with clear and captivating content.

    Expert guidance:

    Get observations and expert advice on your business, your store, or your marketing strategies.

    • Hire the Shopify consulting services at XpertVA with business strategy expertise to get critiques and advice on how to create and grow your business from credible and experienced business consultants.
    • Hire a Shopify developer from XpertVA product sourcing expertise to get advice on your product sourcing technique, like wholesale, manufacturing, and drop shipping processes.
    • Hire an SEO Shopify consultant at XpertVA store setup and design expertise to get a website audit and feedback on the actions for bettering your store setup, such as installing suggested apps, and other ways to initiate online product sales.
    • Hire a Shopify store creator from XpertVA with marketing and sales expertise to seek advice from a Shopify expert and learn techniques for attracting customers and maximizing sales.
    • Hire a Shopify expert at XpertVA with site performance expertise to get a website performance audit and suggested strategies for improving load times and site speed.
    • Hire Shopify consultants from XpertVA with sales tax expertise to receive valuable advice from sales tax experts on U.S. state sales tax and liability.

    XpertVA Shopify store designers pride themselves on being professional. Our best Shopify developers are always available to give any advice when needed. We assure you of complete satisfaction with the outcome of hiring our Shopify development services to work on your online business. We aim for you to see positive results in both performance and look of your eCommerce stores.

    The deep knowledge of building successful stores that the Shopify website designers at XpertVA have will truly prove to be valuable throughout the selling process for your online business. The Shopify consultants at XpertVA are an essential tool in assisting you in growing your business. Communication with your Shopify store creator is quick and direct and the job is done efficiently and in a timely manner.

    If you are switching your store, a Shopify migration expert at XpertVA will completely redesign your online store website to attract a lot of business and make the switch easy and seamless. Our Shopify specialists have handled several jobs and have always been timely and thorough.

    Contact XpertVA to book a consultation with our top-notch Shopify experts who will design interactive Shopify stores for your business.







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