Guide to Increase E-Commerce Sales in Q1 of 2023

We are in the final months of the year going to hit 2023. Every person is setting a New Year resolution but there’s a resolution that remains the same every year for e-commerce sellers. It is to increase e-commerce sales in Q1.

Every e-commerce seller wants to have a handsome tangible number of sales but they fail. The reason is that e-commerce tactics are changing ever faster. For the new sellers in the e-commerce industry, time is still in your hands. Here are some amazing tips to increase e-commerce sales in Q1 of 2023.

Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales

  1. Design an Impressive Homepage

“The first impression is the last impression” it is very much true in every sense. For the new online sellers, it is of prime importance to grab the visitors by giving them the compelling homepage theme. You need to add all the features that you think may compel people. An impressively designed, detailed, and usability are the things that convert visitors into customers.

  1. Do On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is important not only for e-commerce but for all online businesses. It is a little time-taking but a one-time process that you must do with great care. There are important things you need to do:

  • It’s the game of keywords. Add keywords organically at all the appropriate places.
  • Title tag and product description should contain the specific keyword
  • URLs should be SEO friendly
  • Must add meta description, meta tags, image attributes and tables with focused keyword
  • Snippets should be SEO rich

All these tricks will help your product get ranked easily in the organic searches.

  1. Target the Right People By Email Marketing

Another important reason for getting a good number of views is to have the right person. Many new sellers don’t know about the right or wrong person and they jumble upon these two people while not getting any fruitful results at all.

Target the right person for marketing is significant as they are your potential customers ready to buy. Before starting your marketing, you need to know your audience. Add a button to subscribe to the email and often send emails to them so that you don’t waste your time on wrong or uninterested people.

  1. Good Customer Service

Customer service is the thing people either love to come or hate to nerve come. No matter how great your products are, if you are not giving your customers on-time and friendly customer services then they are creating a bridge between you and your customer.

There is always at least one review about bad customer service in the negative reviews. Try to be responsive and helping in every matter. A happy customer is a doorway to many others.

  1. Reduced Cart Abandonment Rate

If your page has slow loading time then you may experience a loose in your customers’ carts. Every page with more than 5 seconds of loading time increases the bounce rate by up to 60 percent. There are plenty of ways to improve it. One of them is to reduce the steps a buyer has to do to buy a product.

For instance, add the credit card information box on the first page with the address so there is only one step the buyer has to complete in order to place an order.

Tip: Use PayPal for quick payment.

  1. Good Shipping Time

High shipping time is s sign of fewer e-commerce sales. There are impatient people want to get their products within a day or so. And if you fail to meet that deadline, you surely lose a very potential customer.

Single-day deliver like Amazon’s Prime Day is most popular among customers. You are advised to mention the shipping details on the checkout and product description page. People carefully read the description and by adding the shipment details, they will expect to get the delivery at the desired time.

Increase E-Commerce Sales in Q1

  1. Build Brand Trust

Trust is the thing upon which you can build anything. If you are new to the industry then it is of chief importance to have a trusted environment among your customers. You can increase your brand trust in the following ways:

  • Add quality products only with honest and true description.
  • Keep engagement through social media posts and emails.
  • Add testimonials to your page/profile who had a wonderful experience with you.
  • After the completion, ask for an honest review to showcase your credibility.
  1. Improved Conversion Rate

The improved conversion rate will lead you to the increased e-commerce sales in Q1. The better conversion rate will give you more potential customers and uplift your profile. You can give multiple options to entertain your customers’ queries. For instance, you can provide them with several delivery options and fast shipping to reach customers’ expectations level.

Final Thoughts

2023 is ready to jump in and every online seller is targeting new ways to catch more customers and increase e-commerce sales in Q1. These tricks will definitely help you start your New Year with a great shoot.


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