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Every e-commerce business faces some highs and lows and yeses and noes but the continuity of business relies on perpetual work for its growth. Hence, there is always a need to learn the latest trends to increase eCommerce sales.

Whether you have your e-store on Amazon, Shopify, or Walmart – your stance on business growth is heavily dependent on the trick you play to drive more traffic and turn your customers into clients.

You might surely learn some techniques but with the ever-changing e-commerce industry, it is not wise to use the same method for the next year or even after the other quarter. Henceforth, keep yourself hydrated with the insights into the latest tricks – ethically – is advisable for your e-commerce business growth.

As your consumers want something extra than the usual and if you’re using the same old repeated methods to grow your sales then you’ll force your customers to say goodbyes right after they land on your profile.

To avoid this, we have some top ways to increase eCommerce sales.

  1. Target Your Current Customers

Focusing on customer retention is far more important than customer acquisition. It is said that retain a customer is 70% more likely to grow sales on an e-commerce store than acquiring new customers. So, whenever you see a fluctuation in your customer behavior then don’t rush to acquire more but to see how much the retention rate.

To retain your existing customers, you need to

  • Add more items to their shopping carts
  • Have a higher conversion rate
  • Generate more revenue each time they visit your site
  1. Show Your Trustworthiness

With the growing incidents of cybercrime, online shoppers are much reluctant to shop from a newly established e-store. In this case, you need to secure your account against all odds and give a credible appearance. You should add badges – if you have any – to show your previous record.

If you use any of these highly trusted badges but don’t display this on your website then do it now. Your customers’ trust should be your main priority.

  1. Video Demonstration

Almost 50% of the e-commerce experts advised adding a video demonstration of your products as customers love to watch graphical descriptions. It has more impact on investment than other marketing techniques.

Profiles that have videos are more likely to get users’ time more than 88% than the profiles without any video description. Likewise, video ads yield the same results. The e-commerce brand Robo generated $4.7 million in revenue via running video ads.

Remember that video resonates more with people than reading because it is difficult to read the entire content.

  1. Increased Mobile Usability

Smartphones have made things easier in no time. People spend more time using it than doing any other task. Studies show that 40% of mobile users have bought something online in their life and even 63% of millennials shop online from their phones.

mobile ecommerce sales chart

Courtesy: Simplify 360

It is important for e-commerce business owners to optimize their websites for mobile devices as well. Remember that your customers don’t like to waste time on websites and profiles. So always maintain these things in priority:

  • Convenience
  • Speed
  • Saved preferences and settings
  • Benefits and rewards
  • Personalization
  • Entertainment

You can increase eCommerce sales if you have these things in operation.

  1. Display Your Top Selling Products

There are plenty of visitors who land on your profile just looking for something else. Here comes your play. You need to redirect them for the items they are looking for- or even not looking. Showcase your top products with most sales with good reviews will let them think to purchase.

It is a good sign for the Top Rated Sellers to show something more about what others cannot. You can also promote your best products with a single shot under this opportunity. This is a way to grow your sales in the e-commerce marketplace by displaying your most selling products.

Tip: Electronic signature software boosts your sales by up to 18%.

  1. Increase Promotions

Promotions are the first gear to drive your sales. There come some BIG days that are quite important for the e-commerce sellers to increase their sales like Prime Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, etc. But these are not the only way to derive promotions on your products.

You can increase eCommerce sales during the holiday season as well. In this case, you can do the following things:

  • Add a subscription button on your profile
  • Run ad campaigns
  • Send email to your subscribers
  • Use catchy titles that derive more traffic. For instance “Buy your favorite product with flat 70% off

You can use these things and more as your product promotion gesture accordingly.

  1. Provide Several Payment Options

A major factor that repels ready-to-buy customers is your selected and limited payment options. Giving a variety of options to pay for the products and services compel more people. Mere using Visa and MasterCard is a way to alienate lots of potential customers.

You should also give the option to accept debit cards in addition to the credit cards. PayPal and Apple Pay are used by the majority of people who like to shop online.

There are many customers who are ready to buy your products but redirect to other profiles for not finding the desired payment method. Statista did a survey in 2017 highlighting the preferred payment methods for online shopping worldwide.

  1. Improved Conversion Rate

Many e-commerce gurus suggest that trying more than 50 changes to your approach for optimizing your online store is something that counts otherwise not. This is the way to count impacts on metrics and increase conversion rates.

You also can make a hypothesis to highlight a part that is low in conversion. Then testify it from different elements to know why it is so. Make a habit to test each part of your profile regularly to know what is needed to improve.

Never be afraid of trying new things and make a list of to-dos for future decisions to streamline the flow of your work.


There are plenty of ways to increase eCommerce sales but what suits your best relies on your profile’s and/or website’s requirements. If you’re facing difficulty to increase your conversion rate, then hire XpertVA who will profoundly help you increase your sales.


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