Selling on eBay VS Amazon in 2022? – Which is Better?

Which platform is the best to start selling online, eBay vs Amazon, whether you want to launch a new product or want to exclude unwanted items, or are willing to start a new business, you are guaranteed to find out the bestselling platforms around the globe.

Concepts of Selling on eBay:

eBay considers fees at two processes:

First on the creation of the listings.

The second fee is on the final dealing when the product is being delivered or is being sold.

eBay also consists of another fee process called as PayPal process.

On presenting the manual store rendition, you are offered to list 250 listings without any cost if you have the subscription round of about 28$ monthly.

When your specific product is being purchased, depending on your product category, you have to pay almost 2 to 4% to eBay and 3.2% to PayPal.

You can consult a fee calculator at this link

Concepts of Selling on Amazon:

Amazon charges only a monthly fee of 39.99$ only for a professional retailer subscription. There is no listing fee for non-manual stockists unless you reach up to 100,000 sales excluding the recent ones. Referral fee has a span of 6% to 20% of the total product selling payment including 15% of the payment by the seller.

You can consult a fee calculator following this link:


Searching for a product on eBay needs a sharp mind. When you type for a certain product, you see a long list of that particular item. The buyer has to compare the product listings, titles, subscriptions, photos, and shipping prices for the best result.

Whereas, on Amazon, one particular item consists of one listing. A great offer for a purchaser to buy an item is to search the product using Buy Box which is the best cost-effective selling tool with a unique payment method. The other stockist selling that item will be displayed on the side of the page.

Broadcasting schemes:

eBay has launched an advertisement program called eBay Promoted Listing.

eBay boosts their listings higher in search results. The merchant chooses which item to sell along with the mentioning of the percentage of the price they are willing to pay over the final wage.

Amazon offers an advertising program called Amazon Sponsored Products. It helps a merchant to view all the items on the first page of the Amazon search result page for the particular item. Amazon includes automatic and manual options for search results. A stockist chooses whether to allow Amazon to choose the search result or perform this task himself.

International Trading:

eBay comprises 23 international sites active in over 100 countries. You can register at any of the websites and exchange through any selling place worldwide.

Amazon has 14 international marketplaces. Merchants have to register on each of the platform. An exclusive seller account allows a seller to perform selling tasks at 5 European marketplaces, and a single account is needed to sell in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Selling feedback is different for different marketplaces. 


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