Great Hacks to Prepare for Profitable Amazon Selling In Q4

Successful Amazon selling starts when you know the traits of selling in a different time zone and different periods. Amazon sellers work hard to manage the inventory flow, create promotional deals, and do extra sales efforts for the holiday season.

In quarter four, Amazon sellers become more passionate to leverage the power of Virtual Assistants to enhance their productivity and eventually enjoy skyrocketing returns.

What is Quarter 4 Season?

Quarter four is the last 4 months of the year which mainly consists of holiday shopping seasons in the e-commerce world. Apart from the bustling holiday season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday come with a strong influence on the market to boost sales and turbulent revenues – only if you know the right way to hit.

You just need to prepare and get ready for every growth opportunity Q4 has to offer. Q4 is going to end and if you haven’t utilized it fully then it might be troublesome for you to end this ear. Henceforth, we organized some basic tips and tricks to fully utilize the Q4 for successful Amazon selling.

Reorder Alerts

You need to set up the reorder alert to always know that supply is up to date which saves the procrastination or undue delay in fulfilling the orders. It is quite useful, especially in the busy Q4 season. Moreover, keeping yourself up to date protects you from any kind of refund amount by the customers due to being out of stock.

You need to let your virtual assistant coordinate, oversee, and regulate the reorder alerts in order to stock up for successful Amazon selling. It not just saves your time but enables you to focus on other matters concerned with your business.

Effective Marketing Channels

Marketing a business online is time taking and burdensome task. Regardless of the form of marketing that is – PPC, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and more – every marketing campaign needs time. Time is already short in the Q4 holiday season. Hence, web analytics should be used to identify which marketing channels are the most impactful.

You can use your web analytics tool for traffic analysis, visitors’ behavior, and site performance. For instance, while you are doing a PPC campaign, make sure that your conversion rate is good. You can also use your marketing dollars more effectively to optimize your campaign.

Future Pricing & Rankings

You need to stock up even more inventory than you usually do for successful amazon selling in Q4. To streamline your process hassle-free and effectively, you need to regularly check and adjust your pricing.

Precisely evaluate the items rank and their pricing in Q4 while selecting the items for stocking up. Seasonal items should always be on the top priority as their very nature always boost and even increase their respective ranking and pricing during the holiday season rush.

You will have a good opportunity to buy inventory at a lower price and sell high!

But remember that it is time-taking to reevaluate and readjust the items’ prices throughout the Q4. So, you should do this before the start of Q4 and jump into the competition while your competitors are out of stock. In this case, you will be able to enjoy higher profit margins in the last-minute demand for holiday gift rises.

Customers Retention

It costs 7 times more to acquire a customer than keeping an old one. This clearly means that Amazon sellers should more focus on quality customer service and customer communications to retain the customers.

Henceforth, you should deliver your order timely and keep customers interested in buying your products by sending emails and engaging through social media. Once you build your customer loyalty, your customers will begin referring your business within their circles which is most effective to thrive new people in your store.

Successful Amazon Selling Via Optimized Product Listing

Many people love to jump at the eleventh hour on the bandwagon. Subsequently, there create a hurry and bumpy situation. To mediate the situation, Amazon sellers should toggle off from FBM to FBA. They could take full advantage of the holiday season, Amazon FBA is one of the most popular routes to business ownership.

Additionally, 2-day shipping upshot more paying customers yet also free up more time and Amazon sellers can concentrate on other things. They can scale high their Amazon business in the last stage of Q4 increase the conversion rate.

Product listing is the digital face of your brand on the e-commerce platform and should be tackle dexterously.  Optimized product listing is the doorway to successful Amazon selling. To wide-open this gate, negative reviews should be responded wisely and quickly.

Fast Tips

  1. Balanced Inventory

Look at last year’s inventory and predict when you are going to order more stock. If you are left with the inventory then selling them at the discounted price is far better than paying long-term storage fees.

  1. Use Browser Extensions

If you are a new Amazon seller and don’t have enough data from last year to make predictions then you may download extension tools (like Keepa and camelcamelcamel) that will help you with the historical data. Toys are the topmost purchasing item in Q4.

  1. Plan and Action

Actions are always better than reactions. You need to devise your selling strategy and stick to it throughout the peaks and valleys. For instance, use FBA or SFP till Christmas Eve instead of FBM.

  1. Outsource

Wisely spent a penny brings more money than selling strictly in dollars-and-cents terms. You could pay teens to pack up orders that will free up your time which you could utilize in other things.

  1. Ad Campaigns

Q4 is the screen where you get more visibility than any period in the year. Hence, running advertisement campaigns will more likely get you more visitors but be careful while spending on it. Start early to increase product sales and be competitive when prices get derailed during increased demand.


Q4 is the busiest and most significant period for sellers especially the newbies which should be utilized with delicate care. XpertVA is here to help you in your optimizing product listing and increased conversion rate.


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