The Way to Market on Amazon FBA — The Basics

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The Way to Market on Amazon FBA — The Basics

The Way to Market on Amazon FBA — The Basics

If this is the first time you’ve discovered Amazon FBA, do not worry. We want to be certain to know how it works. This part of the Guide will cover the basics of How to Sell on Amazon FBA.


Amazon FBA literally signifies Amazon Fulfilled-by-Amazon. In the Amazon FBA app, Amazon does all the hard work for you.

  • First, you send Amazon your goods and they store it in one or more of the million acre fulfillment centers.
  • Afterward, your products are inventoried and sorted. They are taken good care of. And if on the off-chance something is damaged in one of Amazon’s warehouses, Amazon will actually refund you the full retail cost for the damaged great!
  • When a client places an order on Amazon for your merchandise, Amazon handles the transaction for you. The whole process is automatic.
  • Next, your merchandise is chosen from its location on the shelves, packed into a box, and sent to the client on your behalf.
  • Following your product arrives to the client, Amazon follows up with the client to be sure everything is fine with the purchase. And, if any need to be produced, Amazon automatically takes care of that, too.

If Amazon does all the job, what exactly do I do?


Now you are probably thinking,”Okay, Greg. That all sounds great! But what do I really do?”


The Way to Market on Amazon FBA — The Basics


As an Amazon FBA seller You’ll Have to Market on Amazon FBA — The Basics

  1. Select the products. Amazon manages all the back end work, but you need to decide what to actually sell. I’ll inform you about a few unique procedures of promoting products on Amazon in an instant.
  2. Keep stock . Amazon will inform you when stock is running low. But it’s your job to be certain the things you sell stay stocked up.
  3. Promote and advertise. For this reason, you ought to do a little job to make certain people find your products. But don’t worry–it is fairly simple!

What does it cost to sell on Amazon FBA?


The Way to Market on Amazon FBA — The Basics is very reasonable to get started with. In fact, if you’re selling goods that you own (like unwanted items around the home ), then you can practically do it at no cost!


Individual and professional seller accounts


There are two sorts of Amazon FBA seller accounts: individual and professional. Individual vendor balances are free, but have higher sales fees. And professional accounts have a monthly subscription fee of $39.95, but reduced prices. We recommend you get a professional accounts if you intend on selling more than 40 items a month. But if you would like to start slow with just a few things, then individual might be better for you.


Amazon charges


Here is the quick version of those fees:

  1. Amazon takes a 15% referral commission on all sales for most categories.
  2. Should you use Amazon’s FBA support, they take out fees to cover the 
transport and handling prices for your products. But, these are inclined to be less than what it might cost to ship it yourself.
  3. Some classes, such as novels and DVDs, have an extra flat fee.
  4. If you market in a single seller plan (no subscription fee), Amazon
 charges an additional $1.00 flat charge. Therefore why we recommend going
 professional if you are going to market 40 or more products per month.
  5. Keeping your inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers too long can lead to long-term storage fees.

If this sounds like a great deal, don’t worry! The fees overall are pretty low and actually wind up costing you a lot less were you to do all of the work yourself.


Inventory costs


Depending upon the kind products you choose to sell on Amazon, your inventory prices will vary. We recommend the personal label method which does come with a moderate investment upfront, but you may choose to start with just a few things around the house to have a feel for how to sell on Amazon FBA. It is entirely your decision!

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That’s better to sell on: Amazon or Ebay?


This is a matter that’s as old as ecommerce . And finally, it depends upon you and what you need out of your small business. While others, like myself, think Amazon is the ideal place to begin an online company.

  • Ebay is similar to the world’s largest flea market. You set up your”stand”, provide your merchandise, handle transactions, shipping, and everything else. It’s 100% your responsibility. Hence, you might end up putting more work into it for less earnings.
  • Amazon FBA is like having a shelf at a very large department store. Your biggest job is to ensure your shelf stays stocked and that it’s visible. Unlike ebay, but the department store manages the trades, transport, and the challenging work.
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