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Walmart Product Listing Optimization Service

Walmart Product Listing Optimization Service

The first step towards building a successful business at Walmart is selection of a great product. The next step is the product listing that acts as your virtual store and presents the product on your listing. Building a high-quality product listing ensures a higher reach, improved visibility, and a higher sales volume. A high-quality, unique product, with a poorly developed product listing, can never be hit off.

In addition to a good product listing, there are certainly other things for Walmart virtual assistants and sellers to consider while selling on the Walmart marketplace. Despite being a veteran or novice in the Walmart marketplace, the following are some of the tips that can help you optimize your product listings as well as understand how Walmart’s system works.

Listing Quality Dashboard and Its Role in Your Walmart Listing

The Listing Quality Dashboard is a free tool available on Walmart. It is aimed to help sellers and Walmart virtual assistants effectively optimize their product listings.


    The Listing Quality Dashboard has an in-built scale that measures the quality of every listing and assigns points out of 100. The factors that the Dashboard considers include discoverability, content, offer, reviews and ratings, and post-purchase quality.

    The discoverability and content score is based on the descriptiveness and the clarity of the product titles, product images and descriptions, and the attributes and specifications. The offered category is based on the prices of the product, the delivery time, as well as in-stock rates. The reviews and rating category is based on how your product is reviewed by customers.

    In addition, the Listing Quality Dashboard also provides tips to sellers to help them make their listings more effective helping them improve the quality score. The suggestion would help sellers and Walmart virtual assistants to assess if the text is too long or too short, if the listings are missing any keywords, or contain any grammatical errors. It is important to keep your listings fine-tune as it allows your listings to rank higher in Walmart’s organic searches.

    Importance of Optimizing Your Walmart Listings

    Having a high score on the Listing Quality Dashboard signifies that your product will have a higher ranking in Walmart’s searches. This will help you reach a wider audience and potential customers. Walmart constantly scores your listings and your search ranking is strongly correlated to the quality score. This means that the slightest decline in the quality score would also lead to a fall in the search ranking of your listing and vice versa.

    A consistently high score on the Listing Quality Dashboard will improve your listing ranking and also help sellers earn the “Pro Seller” badge. This badge is considered a mark of excellence, as described by Walmart, and is given to the top-performing sellers in the marketplace only. Earning the badge allows you to outrank your competition, win the Buy Box, and also build consumer confidence in your brand.

    A consistently high score on the Listing Quality Dashboard will improve your listing ranking and also help sellers earn the “Pro Seller” badge. This badge is considered a mark of excellence, as described by Walmart, and is given to the top-performing sellers in the marketplace only. Earning the badge allows you to outrank your competition, win the Buy Box, and also build consumer confidence in your brand.

    A listing score is not the only reason to optimize your product listings. A listing with a quality score also improves customer experience which in turn builds consumer trust in your product listing leading to a higher shopper conversion rate. You should provide quality information along with consistent branding of your listing across all marketplaces, and not just Walmart, to build a higher degree of customer confidence.

    The trust level of consumers is highly dependent on the consistent brand story across platforms i.e., Walmart, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, etc. Also, if you are selling a product cheaper on one platform while the same product is selling at a higher price on another, there is a high possibility that the level of customer trust in your brand would decline. You will also witness a slump in sales.

    What Improves the Quality of Your Walmart Listing

    What Improves the Quality of Your Walmart Listing

    Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard makes it easier for sellers to improve the quality of their listing. Sellers should focus on the factors highlighted by the Listing Quality Dashboard for improved Walmart account health. Walmart sellers should focus on factors such as quality content, discoverability, ratings, offer, reviews, and post-purchase quality.

    Quality Content and Discoverability

    To improve your listing score, the first obvious thing to do is to optimize your listing title. The goal is to inculcate as many keywords as possible. These may include product attributes such as the product’s size, color, or key functions. Be sure to keep the listing title concise. The optimal length of the title varies from one category to the next, however, an ideal limit is between 50 to 75 words. In several cases, the Walmart titles are shorter than those on Amazon, eBay, etc.

    The description is yet another significant factor of your Walmart listings that leads to higher customer conversion. Similar to the product listing title, the sellers should focus on the keywords used to describe the product as well as the complexity and length of the description. If the product description is too short or it is kept too long, Walmart will reduce your listing quality score, and the ranking of your product listing will reduce in organic customer searches.

    Your product listing should include a minimum of six high-quality images. Lower-quality images will not only turn away your potential buyers from the listings but will also have a negative impact on the scores given by Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard.

    A high-quality Walmart listing should also include as many discoverability attributes as possible. These attributes include anything that can help shoppers find your product listing on the Walmart marketplace. Examples of such images include count, product size, color, flavor, condition, brand name, etc. Based on the product category, the Listing Quality Dashboard knows what factors should your listing have, and Walmart will reduce your listing quality score if any of these attributes are missing.


    To get a higher listing ranking and improve your quality score, your products should have a competitive price, stock availability, and quick delivery.

    If you are having a hard time ensuring quick delivery of your products, Walmart provides several different options. First, Walmart’s ThreeDay shipping service is available for every seller in the Walmart marketplace. Sellers can also request access to the TwoDay delivery in Walmart Seller Center. If you sell a particular product and these options do not suit your business, then Walmart also offers carrier services, partnerships with Deliverr, or Walmart Fulfillment Services at discounted rates.

    Reviews and Rating

    Ratings and customer reviews also play a key role in determining the listing quality score as well as the product ranking in organic search results. Products with high-quality, detailed listings and top-tier customer service contribute towards positive organic reviews.

    Post-Purchase Quality

    This entails minimizing returns, delivery defects, and cancelations. Doing so will help sellers improve the ranking of their listing meaning that the listing would now appear on a higher level. A higher listing quality, clear and bright images, and accurate descriptions instill customer confidence in your listing. When customers feel confident, there is a higher probability that they will make the purchase.

    Provide Expert Recommendation

    When you hire XpertVA’s proficient Walmart account managers, you get not only our assistance but also benefit from our top-of-the-line expertise and experience. We have already worked with numerous sellers across various eCommerce platforms. This has equipped us with tried and tested strategies that we will incorporate to help your business thrive in the highly competitive market allowing you to grow your ROI.

    For instance, a new seller on the Walmart marketplace would struggle with offering competitive prices for the listed products in their store. This might be because they fail to study their niche properly and also cannot estimate the lowest price while ensuring profitability. Walmart is known for its Everyday Low Prices (EDLP) strategy that ensures affordable rates to shoppers. Thus, sellers are encouraged to set competitive prices for their product listings to attract more buyers.

    However, setting the right price is not as simple as it seems. Especially, new sellers might not be able to or not have the resources to bear this risk.

    Thanks to XpertVA’s experienced Walmart account managers, we can help you find the right prices for your products without the need to sacrifice your profits. We will also help you boost your sales through listing optimization as well as marketing strategies.

    Walmart Enhanced Content

    Walmart has become a continuously expanding market with an increasing number of sellers and buyers from different areas of the world. This means the competition is fierce and sellers need to adopt a strategy to outsmart their competition.

    According to a study, a majority of sellers consider Walmart as their first choice when deciding to expand their business across other platforms.

    Walmart Enhanced Content gives sellers a unique competitive advantage. It allows them to make their listings stand out from their rivals by using additional rich media including additional images, videos, descriptions, comparison charts, interactive product tours, and whatnot.

    With the rising competition, there is a higher need for more engaging media listings, and Enhanced Brand is among the best ways to engage your audience. It improves your basic Walmart listing to help you stand out to customers. Moreover, it allows buyers to imagine the real-life product experience and understand better the utility that they would derive from it.

    Product Information

    Consistency in providing product information across various platforms is very necessary. Your listings should be transparent with regard to the features of the product and have a consistent description. The product information should be comprehensive and engaging to attract the maximum number of buyers.

    Product Image Guidelines

    Listing images are one of the major factors that grab customer attention and attract them toward your listing. As sellers, it is very important that the images are optimized and have the right dimensions and aspect ratios.

    The image background must be white with the products focused in the center. The image must be properly lit and have descriptive file names. The minimum image size is 1000×1000 with an aspect ratio of 1:1. The images should at least be 1000px so that the buyers can zoom and have a closer look at the product. All listings must have at least 2 images and must adhere to Walmart’s standards and guidelines.

    Walmart Marketplace Listing Softwares

    There are various Walmart marketplace listing tools that can help sellers in various areas allowing them to sell better and cater to a larger audience. Some examples of Walmart tools include Deliverr, Sellbrite, Zentail, Helium 10, etc. Deliverr allows sellers to enable the 2-day shipping badge that increases customer trust in the brand as well as the likelihood of purchase. Sellbrite is the Walmart listing tool, especially for small sellers helping them with multichannel software requirements. Zentail is another listing tool for Walmart that helps sellers bypass most of the bugs in Seller Center by directly integrating into Walmart’s API. Finally, Helium 10 is a product research tool for Walmart that helps in product research.

    Walmart Optimization Triangle

    Selling at Walmart is not as easy as it seems. There are several factors that need to be accounted for and several guidelines that need to be followed. Only those listings generate profits that have a higher quality score and are effectively optimized to have higher visibility.

    The Walmart Optimization Triangle lists three main factors that are crucial to determining the quality of a listing. This includes content, offer, and performance. A listing optimized in these three areas has a higher probability of generating sales and will more likely have a higher ranking in organic customer searches.

    Why Choose XpertVA?

    For your Walmart business, XpertVA offers the finest approach. Improved organic traffic to your listing page is guaranteed thanks to our content and creative services as well as the remarkable qualities of our team of Walmart account managers.

    Additionally, we will help in conversion optimization and provide you the opportunity to add value for your clients, enhancing their purchasing experience. Our team will ensure that every listing is optimized based on the Listing Optimization Triangle so that the impact of Walmart PPC advertisements can also be maximized to ensure maximum customer conversion and boosted revenues.


    Whether you are a new seller or a registered one, managing your Walmart store can sometimes become very difficult. Optimizing your product listing is an effective way of boosting your visibility as well as a chance to maximize your sales revenue.

    Additionally, XpertVA frees you from time-consuming activities like account management and upkeep, allowing you to concentrate more on business operations, strategic planning, R&D, etc. This increases sales revenue and promotes the growth of your company.

    Talk With Our Expert to Get Started Today!

    Feel free to consult XpertVA’s professionals for efficient Walmart Listing Optimization Services to boost your ranking and improve sales revenue. Book a consultation with our skilled professionals and grow your business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Walmart Listing Quality Dashboard?

    The Listing Quality Dashboard is a free Walmart tool for sellers to optimize their listings based on the scores given by the dashboard.

    What is Walmart score?

    The score is assigned by the listing quality dashboard and it is a holistic measure of how well your listings are optimized. The higher the score the better will be the listing performance.

    How do I find my Walmart sales ranking?

    In your Walmart Seller Center, select the Growth and Opportunities section from the menu bar and click on “View” from the Best Sellers menu.

    What is a content quality score?

    Walmart automatically grades your listing based on factors such as its title, content, attributes, product descriptions, and back-end information.

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