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Walmart Seller Central Management Service

Walmart Seller Central Management Service

Are you a new seller and struggling with your eCommerce store on Walmart or an existing one and still encountering problems? Almost every new seller faces a wide range of problems in their early days. As an example, you may not be aware of Walmart’s updates and seller guidelines, or you may not see an increase in sales revenue despite selling for a longer time.

If you face these situations, you might feel the need for some expert to help you. Fortunately, XpertVA has just the right solution for sellers like you who are struggling to scale their business.

We will focus on importance of hiring Walmart Seller Central management services and how they can help you scale your business.

How to Handle Walmart Seller Central Management Account?

Managing your seller central account is not easy, especially when you are a new seller and have just started selling on Walmart.


    Even if you are already selling on other eCommerce platforms such as eBay or Amazon, you still need to learn Walmart policies and guidelines regarding your Seller Central account along with various strategies. You might often feel overwhelmed while also managing other important operations to run your business.

    Managing your business single-handedly is a big thing but there are certain occasions where an extra pair of hands proves very useful.

    Managing your seller central account is not easy, especially when you are a new seller and have just started selling on Walmart. Even if you are already selling on other eCommerce platforms such as eBay or Amazon, you still need to learn Walmart policies and guidelines regarding your Seller Central account along with various strategies.

    Remember that hiring professional assistance, such as XpertVA’s Seller Central Management services for your Walmart store, does not represent that you are incapable rather it allows you to achieve greater success. Hiring XpertVA’s knowledgeable professionals will help you achieve a higher success rate and improved sales volume. It will also allow you to prevent certain losses that will boost the profitability of your business.

    Walmart Seller Central management services by XpertVA cover all the issues concerning your Walmart account and listing optimization. We will also take care of your sales, and manage your inventory, returns, as well as refunds. Our experts will also help you launch new products and suggest effective marketing strategies to help increase organic traffic including listing optimization with SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising. Lastly, our managers will provide their assistance to help you build your brand on Walmart and secure you from counterfeiters.

    Benefits of Hiring Walmart Seller Central Management Services

    Benefits of Hiring Walmart Seller Central Management Services

    As mentioned earlier, XpertVA’s Walmart Seller Central managers and optimization experts can help you in various areas of your Walmart business. In this section, we will delve into some benefits you can get from XpertVA.

    1. Save Resources and Time

    Many business owners are hesitant to hire account managers because they believe it would be a waste of time and resources but the reality is quite opposite.

    Many sellers are skeptical about hiring third-party services and entrusting them with carrying out Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Seller Central management, Walmart PPC management services, etc.

    Their concern is valid but they need to realize that these professionals have the right tools, experience, and expertise that help them do these tasks proficiently. The benefits of hiring XpertVA’s professionals are that they check and track your inventory, returns, and new order placement, and avoid opportunity costs and losses. Moreover, with our assistance, you are free to divert your efforts toward core business operations.

    This means that you do not lose money when hiring XpertVA’s services, rather we help you scale your business and improve your sales.

    2. Create Strategies and Plans

    On many occasions, sellers might not have the time or the energy to go through the Walmart guidelines or policy changes and updates word-by-word. However, this leads to them not being able to adapt to the changing scenarios and devise effective strategies such as advertisement campaigns and product listing optimization. Furthermore, Walmart may even suspend your account on failure to comply with guidelines and policies.

    Of course, no seller on the face of the earth would want a suspended account as this would lead to a loss in sales and also have a hit on the brand’s reputation. Because Walmart issues policies and guidelines every now and then, hiring XpertVA’s Seller Central account management services is the best choice. Our professionals are aware of every new policy change and they will guide you in the right way and keep you updated. We will ensure you do not lose any sale opportunities or get your account suspended.

    Also, our professionals will devise new strategies and plans for your PPC advertising and SEO based on the updated guidelines by Walmart. This will help maintain and improve your listing ranking on Walmart.

    3. Accomplish and Submit Requirements

    Having assistance in completing and submitting the paperwork for various seller programs is one advantage of receiving full account management services. Your account manager, for instance, will help you with the criteria to file and execute your application if you need to register your brand with Walmart.

    Our Walmart virtual assistants for Seller Central management assist to enroll your account to avail Fulfillment Services by Walmart (WFS). The Walmart Fulfillment Services are similar to those provided by Amazon. However, managing all these tasks can become very tedious, you might feel the need to reduce the burden off your shoulders. Good news for you! Our expert services are the best match for all your business needs.

    4. Expert Recommendations to Scale Your Business

    Employing an account manager for your Walmart store gives you access to their skills and experience, which is more valuable than their support. They can offer you efficient techniques and best practices to scale your business because they have already worked with countless sellers from Walmart and other online marketplaces.

    For instance, as a new Walmart seller, you might face difficulty offering a competitive price for your product to help improve your listing ranking and your brand visibility. No doubt, Walmart is well-known for its EDLP “Every Day Low Prices” strategy, and listings that offer competitive prices to shoppers are highly preferred. Walmart, therefore, encourages sellers to offer competitive prices as it is one of the best strategies to attract customers.

    The lack of available resources, however, may prevent first-time business owners from being willing to take that risk. Fortunately, a Walmart account manager can support you in determining the best prices for your products without compromising your profit. Additionally, through listing optimization and marketing techniques, they are more than capable of boosting your product sales.

    Why Choose XpertVA?

    For managing your Walmart Seller Central account, XpertVA offers a professional strategy and depth of knowledge. Thanks to our creative services, as well as the exceptional characteristics and meticulousness of our team of Walmart PPC managers, including their expertise in optimization, etc., the high success of your PPC ad is also ensured.

    Additionally, our Walmart virtual assistants will help in the optimization of conversions and provide you the ability to add value for your clients by enhancing their purchasing experiences. Our specialists will assist you to determine the most effective plan and advertisement for your company while ensuring that every advertisement you desire to run complies with Walmart regulations. This will increase the effectiveness of your advertising effort and increase the volume of sales.


    Whether you are a new seller or a registered one, managing your Seller Central Walmart account can sometimes become very difficult. At XpertVA, our Walmart Seller Central account managers help you and do all the time-consuming activities and back-office jobs, allowing you to concentrate more on business operations such as strategic planning, R&D, etc. This increases sales revenue and promotes the growth of your company.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Walmart Seller Central?

    Walmart Seller Central is the interface where sellers can add new products to their marketing catalog, update pricing and bulk inventory, check the status of their orders, and much more.

    How do I access help for Walmart Seller Central?

    Log in to sellerhelp,walmart.com and click on “Support”. In the Support categories, choose the one that best fits your inquiry.

    Does Walmart stop counterfeiters?

    Many legitimate third-party businesses are selling at Walmart, however, there are some bad apples too. Walmart does not have any effective protocol to stop counterfeiters but sellers have the option to report them.

    What is a Walmart Marketplace seller?

    Walmart allows third-party sellers to list their products on the Walmart marketplace. These Walmart Marketplace sellers sell their products on Walmart catering to Walmart’s customer base across the globe.

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