Walmart SEO – 7 Steps To Walmart Search Algorithm

walmart seo

Walmart SEO – 7 Steps To Walmart Search Algorithm

 Walmart SEO – 7 steps to Walmart search algorithm

The main eCommerce marketplaces have some kind of algorithm in situ to work out which items show up at the highest of search results for various terms. Those algorithms, ie. Walmart SEO, are the rationale you don’t see dog carriers once you look for vacuum cleaners.

They’re key to relevant search results, with the goal being to point out listings that are presumably to urge a conversion supported the search term.


The Walmart search algorithm follows an equivalent conversion-focused principles. so as to rank above your competition, you would like to optimize your listing to form it the foremost attractive to shoppers.

If your listing can turn browsers into buyers, you’ll fly to the highest of Walmart’s search results for your relevant key terms.

1) Use a selected , succinct product name for Walmart

Your product name should be 50-75 characters long, and unique to Walmart (don’t copy an equivalent product name on Amazon or your own website).


Use the formula:


Brand + Clothing Size Group (if applicable) + Defining Quality + Item Name + Style (if applicable) + Pack Count


If customers are likely to look for the colour of your item (ie. “blue cotton jacket”), then include it in your product name. However, if your items are during a variant group, you’ll include the available colors within the Key Features or Description section instead.




  • Include model number
  •  defining features
  •  brand
  •  pack count
  •  style
  • Include size
  • Restrictions

You may not include any information about yourself or your company apart from the merchandise brand. Avoid special characters and retailer-specific info like a special offer. take care to not use marketing phrases like “top selling,” and avoid referencing other marketplaces (ie. “Sold on eBay”).

2) Use rich media and top quality images

The images you employ to showcase your item must be professional, in focus, well-lit, and can’t show accessories that aren’t included together with your item.

Ideally, you ought to provide zoom-enabled high-resolution images of your product, packaging, and added accessories.


There are two main sorts of images:


  • Primary product image
  • Additional background images

Your primary product image must be a front view of the item with a seamless white background (255/255/255 RGB). Crop (don’t resize) the image to eliminate excessive background space round the item, to form a greater visual impact.


You should also include additional background images with multiple angles of your item(s).

With these images, you’ll showcase your item(s) in an appropriate setting, sort of a handbag at dinner or a grill during a yard.


If available, you’ll also provide rich content like product reviews, interactive tours, 360 degree imagery, and therefore the like. Suppliers may contact their merchant to supply rich content.

However, a number of these features aren’t available to Marketplace sellers at this point .


You may not use placeholder images, images containing additional graphics, illustrations, logos, watermarks, text, or overlays. Avoid any images that are offensive or obscene

3) Highlight your key features

Key Features, also referred to as highlights, allows you to stress the precise details about your product. It’s a brief and succinct description of your item that’s easy to digest.


Include three to 10 of the foremost important benefits and features of your item in bullet-list form.

Don’t forget to include keywords, put the foremost important features first, and use specific details.


Tip: Don’t repeat information that’s already included within the product name, like brand or what the item is.



You may not include special characters, sales information, unproven marketing phrases, or verbiage referencing other marketplaces.


4) Use keywords in your product description

Your product description may be a long-form (aim for 150 words or more) explanation of your product. It’s where you ought to incorporate your keywords and phrases, to form it easier to seem in relevant search results.


You should include your product name, brand, and keywords that convey features and benefits.

It should be unique, showcase expertise with facts and tips, helpful, and descriptive.


Tip: Avoid keyword stuffing or fluff. Your description should read naturally for shoppers, with a transparent and conversational tone.



The product description follows an equivalent restrictions because the key features.


5) Select relevant attributes

The attributes on a Walmart listing appear as specifications, and helps shoppers filter search results.

for instance , if you’re selling a laptop, the brand and disk drive storage size would both be attributes/specifications that shoppers can filter for.


Fill out the attributes that are relevant to your item to assist you appear when browsers filter surely specifications.


Tip: look for your item on Walmart and appearance at the left navigation bar to ascertain what attributes are relevant.

6) Enable 2-day delivery

Make sure your items have Walmart’s fast shipping badge.

Not only does Walmart’s new website redesign highly favor fast shipping, the patrons like it too.

After enabling 2-day delivery, we’ve seen our sellers get a 900% lift in sales and land the buy box without competing on price.


Tip: Use Deliverr’s fulfillment solution to integrate directly into Walmart’s fast shipping program and obtain your listings on Walmart 2-day.




Boost your listings’ rankings with 2-day delivery



7) specialise in service to urge more product reviews on your Walmart listings

Reviews are vital to the health of an eCommerce listing. they supply social proof and show shoppers that others have purchased and enjoyed your product.

so as to spice up your chances of getting a review on Walmart, make certain to supply seamless customer service; Answer customer emails within each day , use a reliable fulfillment provider, and supply accurate tracking information.


There are two sorts of reviews on Walmart; product reviews and retailer reviews.

Retailer reviews specialise in the service of a specific seller and the way items arrived. Customer product reviews are focused on the things themselves, and appear in your listings.


In Walmart has made it fairly easy for a customer to review an item, and even Walmart employees are welcome to go away honest feedback. Walmart shoppers can submit reviews in 3 ways;


  • Walmart automatically emails your customer a call for participation to go away a review a couple of weeks after their purchase
  • Your customer can click on the order number number of their purchase, attend the order detail page, then “Review this product”
  • They can click “Write a Review” beside the Review Snapshot on an inventory , albeit they didn’t purchase that item from Walmart

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