Walmart Smart Selling Through SEO – The Power Of SEO


Walmart Smart Selling Through SEO – The Power Of SEO

SEO for eCommerce is an efficient marketing practice employed by all top marketplaces to make a decision the merchandise ranking within the search results. together of the league leaders of eCommerce, Walmart is additionally following this marketing trend. SEO for Walmart’s search results is somewhat almost like other marketplaces and is usually supported the foremost searched keywords by customers.


But, is it easy to climb to the highest of the Walmart product ranking? Easy is basically not an appropriate word while describing the competition to rank on the highest of Walmart search result bar. Walmart Sellers fight tooth and nail to realize this spot and therefore the majority of successful sellers have achieved this by listing their products through Walmart SEO.




Is ranking on the highest of SERPs a simple task using Walmart SEO?

In the hopes of providing the simplest user experience, Walmart has kept the search result algorithms secret. This causes Walmart sellers to steer an additional mile so as to succeed in their destination – The Buy Box.


But, don’t lose hope – there’s always quite a method to try to to things.


Keeping in mind the experiences shared by Walmart sellers over the years, our Walmart digital marketing experts team have handpicked the simplest Walmart SEO strategies. These Walmart listing optimization strategies are concluded considering Walmart seller experiences and therefore the insights provided by digital marketing experts.


But, before diving into the small print about Walmart product rankings, we must once have a fast check out the fundamentals .




What is program Optimization?

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see curtains once you look for a mug on an enquiry engine? SEO (Search engine optimization) may be a set of algorithms that ensures you see the best-suited result for what you’ve got looked for . In other words, SEO may be a set of algorithms that decides whether an internet site or content ranks on the program result page or not.




The Power of SEO in eCommerce

From the attitude of an eCommerce seller, SEO is an efficient tool to extend the amount of tourists to their products. We’re conscious of the competition for the buy box, so eCommerce SEO are often a key to rank above other sellers and drive more sales towards your products.


By optimizing your listings consistent with SEO ranking, you’ll make the search engines conscious of your products. Once acknowledged and indexed, it’ll not only drive genuine traffic to your products, but also enhance product ranking.


So, rather than working hard, you’ll switch to a sensible and efficient way.




What is Walmart SEO?

Listing a product on Walmart is simply a preliminary stage – the most task at hand begins afterward in making these products visible to the specified audience.


Being such a huge platform with an enormous amount of merchandise listed, it becomes really challenging to outrank competitors on Walmart program results page.


Walmart SEO may be a bunch of product listing optimization techniques that permits sellers to present their product during a manner that improves their visibility on the search results page. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the way to optimize product listings on Walmart using eCommerce SEO techniques.




How to Improve Product Listings on Walmart

Plan Small Goals

Since this is often an extended term process, taking baby steps within the initial phases is that the best approach. you recognize your products better than anyone else. Create a survey and make an inventory of the best-selling products that have actual potential to say the buy box. Starting out small will offer you far better insight, whether or not you’re headed within the right direction.




  • Start with 2 or 3 products.
  • Select the products with potential.
  • Try A/B testing.



Make the foremost of Your Product Title

The product title is taken into account the foremost significant factor for Walmart product listing optimization. While planning for Walmart SEO, you’ve got to urge this right! make sure that you retain your product name unique with a touch of creativity involved. Do some marketing research to research the foremost searched keywords. Also, have a look at the merchandise titles of your competitors, which can offer you a thought of what to start with.




  • Keep the merchandise title length between 50 to 75 characters.
  • Try keeping it precise.
  • Refrain from using special characters (like !@#$%*).
  • Include your name which improves brand development.



Work on Product Descriptions

Since product title features a character limit, it’s often impossible to insert keywords there. to form up for that, there’s the ‘Walmart product description’ where you’ve got a way larger word limit. Use this space to explain your products on a broader aspect while maintaining a natural tone. you’ll easily play with most searched and relevant keywords to reinforce the Walmart SEO perspective and optimize your product listings.

you can notice how the vendor has explained every feature of the Xbox console by defining the functionality, the feel , and therefore the features of the merchandise . this is often the simplest thanks to optimize your product listings on Walmart.




  • Try including all the relevant keywords
  • Keep the language simple and readable.
  • Don’t sound promotional.
  • Avoid repetition of an equivalent information.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Eliminate grammatical errors (if any).

You can observe how clearly they need defined all the required features. I even have specially marked red all the highlighted parts of the merchandise description. These are usually related keywords which will be easily taken out by using LSI graphs.


The seller used a really special branding technique by using American-Columbian actress Sofía Vergara, as marked in blue. Through this product listing, the vendor is trying to hide the fan-base of the American-Columbian actress. this is often an ideal example to focus on an audience that’s presumably to convert.


The seller took a further step by also including the language within the product description (as marked in green). this is often an excellent strategy to draw in the visitor hence enhancing the merchandise listing.


A pro-tip while performing on Walmart Listing Optimization is to separate your product description into two parts:

The Detailed Paragraph Product Description

This is the a part of the merchandise description that highlights the specialty of your products. Use fancy words to explain these and explain how the merchandise goes to profit the customer. attempt to relate to your customers by keeping an influential tone, instead of boasting about the products.




  • Write 6 to eight sentences.
  • The ideal length must range between 600-800 characters.
  • Keep the content well-crafted and straightforward to digest.
  • Talk to your customers instead of educate them.
  • Use relevant keywords that buyers are more likely to look .
  • Add relevant facts and figures (if possible).

The Short Product Description

Speaking from the attitude of Walmart product listing optimization, the short product description must be written in bullets. it’s usually written during a straightforward tone, only highlighting the key points. Usage of a couple of keywords is suggested while molding the content. The word limit is 300 words.




  • Mention the facts in bullets.
  • Keep an easy tone.
  • Word limit must not exceed 250 words (as per Walmart SEO perspective).
  • Mention your name a minimum of once during this .



High-Quality Product Images

A customer might skip the merchandise description or the title, but the image are some things that can’t be overlooked. Or in other words, your product images create the primary impression on your customers.


The product listing images on Walmart are the simplest way customers can relate to what they’re investing in. Since a buyer can’t touch and analyze your image, it becomes the responsibility of the vendor to showcase it within the absolute best manner. Post multiple clear pictures of the products because the customer’s buying decision relies thereon .




  • Post a minimum of 6 to eight pictures from different angles.
  • Use high definition photos only.

Use Image Alt Text as keywords.

Pictures should have a transparent white background with only the merchandise you’re selling.

Put one image that defines the scaling in order that customers can get a particular idea of the image size.

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