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Walmart provides online sellers like you with a remarkable platform to display your products and maximize profits. Selling on Walmart can prove to be of advantage to you when the sales process is carried out in a proper manner when you hire XpertVA’s Walmart virtual assistant services.

Selling on Walmart with the help of one of XpertVA’s product assistants will enhance the online presence of your store and you will earn a large profit on investment. Managing an e-commerce business in particular on Walmart is a tenacious task and needs assistance from expert virtual assistants, which is where XpertVA comes in.

XpertVA’s Walmart app store assistants are experienced professionals who intend to assist businesses by listing their products with complete reliability.


    XpertVA can assist you in partnering with the biggest multi-channel retailer by selling on Walmart. The super chain store boasts of having about 88 million distinct visitors per month and is one of the most visited e-commerce sites worldwide.

    Our Walmart virtual assistants are acquainted with various innovative techniques for listing the products tactfully. They understand the importance of a healthy product listing, which will get clicks and increase sales substantially.

    Walmart Account Management

    Managing your business online on platforms such as Walmart can be very burdensome, especially if you are a new seller and have just started selling on Walmart. Working with our experts, such as account managers, leads to profitability and enhances the process of growth

    Walmart PPC Management Services

    The main goal of our Walmart virtual assistants is to improve the visibility of your products as well as your brand. With Walmart PPC advertising, every listing that is either newly launched or low performing can be displayed to millions of shoppers worldwide.

    Walmart Listing Optimization

    Our Walmart Virtual Assistants can help optimize your listings by researching and identifying the right keywords. This will improve your sales volume as well as profitability. Our VAs also help you rethink and redesign your business strategy to ensure you get the maximum benefit and your efficiency is improved.

    Walmart SEO

    Optimizing your keywords and writing SEO content for Walmart are crucial not only for improving your product’s organic position but also for boosting sales. Our qualified Walmart virtual assistants will help sellers at Walmart make their product listings more appealing to customers helping you improve shopper conversion and hence your sales volume.

    Walmart Seller Central

    Managing your business single-handedly is a big thing but there are certain occasions where an extra pair of hands proves very useful. Walmart Seller Central management services by XpertVA cover all the issues concerning your Walmart account and listing optimization.

    Customer Care

    Walmart virtual assistants at XpertVA can effectively manage and respond to customer queries and any concerns they might have. They will also provide a smooth customer flow and ensure your customers are satisfied with the products and services you are offering. This will develop a positive brand image for your business.

    What services do our experts provide?

    The assistance that XpertVA’s virtual assistant services for Walmart provide are:

    What services do the XpertVA experts provide?

    • Account Opening

    Your Walmart virtual assistant at XpertVA can handle the compiling of your seller account needs, as well as following up its status in case of delays. This way, you can start preparing your product line and strategies without having to constantly check your Walmart account status.

    • Create Product Title

    The Walmart product assistants at XpertVA are experts. They know the significance of an appealing product title talking about the products’ main features with related high-volume search keywords to make sure that the products attract attention in the e-commerce world which improves clicks and views. Walmart examines product titles and categorizes the one which consists of the main characteristics with vital keywords.

    • Highlight Product’s Key Features

    XpertVA’s Walmart virtual assistants are experts in preparing the product’s main features in a bullet-list format also known as ‘Highlights.’ They emphasize the advantages and primary qualities of the product while also incorporating keywords to rank it better in the marketplace search results.

    • Create Product Description

    XpertVA Walmart virtual assistants will improve your product description in a great way to display your product remarkably. The Walmart app store assistants will write detailed features of the product, talking about its benefits and application, which encourages the shoppers to purchase. The Walmart virtual assistant will also add highly searched keywords in the online field to support Walmart search engine optimization.

    • Walmart Product Upload

    The Walmart virtual assistants at XpertVA are very well acquainted with several software tools for easily listing, managing, and editing products. Using XpertVA’s Walmart virtual assistant services saves a bunch of time by utilizing the convenience of the product listing software to post and handle several listings.

    • Product Categorization

    XpertVA’s Walmart virtual assistants research the products for your online business carefully before placing them in a particular category. The Walmart virtual assistants at XpertVA know that choosing the correct category as well as the sub-category is important to help the listing stand on top of the search results and increase convenience for the customers making it effortless for them to find the products.

    • Product Image Editing

    XpertVA’s Walmart virtual assistants use a captivating and clear image as a great way to display the product which appeals to the customer’s eye persuading them to buy the product. The Walmart virtual assistance experts at XpertVA are excellent image editors and edit the pictures by changing them into high-resolution. Our Walmart virtual assistants provide accomplished services of picture editing, resizing, erasing the watermark or logo among others to improve the visibility of your product and maximize sales in the long run.

    Some of the other assistance that the Walmart virtual assistant services at XpertVA can provide for you:

    • Processing and fulfilling your product order using Walmart dropshipping
    • Optimizing Sales of your products on Walmart online store.
    • Auditing your competitor.
    • Enhancing and maintaining customer service.
    • Managing product returns and refunds.
    • Searching for and adding new products to your existing online store listings
    • B2B lead generation
    • Product database building
    • CRM database management
    • Bulk emailing
    • Data cleaning
    • Product market research
    • Processing sales invoicing
    • Bookkeeping
    • Project management
    • B2C lead generation
    • Blog commenting
    • Social bookmarking
    • Product sales QA testing
    • SEO planning


    Walmart is one of the most promising areas for online business owners to earn high Returns-on-Investment and is growing exponentially with each passing day. Product listings on an e-commerce business take a lot of time. By availing the assistance of XpertVA’s experts for Walmart with their experienced Walmart virtual assistants, you can get a lot of help saving your time and focusing on the progress of your online business.

    To help the brands stand out and draw a hike in sales, the Walmart virtual assistants at XpertVA deliver their work all over the world. XpertVA’s Walmart virtual assistant services aim to provide the best sources to the customers to help them progress in the digital world.

    XpertVA’s Walmart virtual assistants also expertly handle projects like Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Vendor Central, Walmart Seller Centre, and eBay and Amazon collaborative stores. At XpertVA, we develop distinct campaigns that assist your online business in maximizing profits. Go ahead and hire an expert XpertVA Walmart virtual assistant to look over your products, discover ways to improve your sales, and use the necessary techniques to make a profitable business happen.

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